Will Rider's get a dome home?

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Stadium decision coming 'by late spring'

By Rob Vanstone, Leader-PostDecember 30, 2008

REGINA -- Will the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ next home be a dome?

“Bottom line — we would welcome a domed stadium as a new home for the team,’’ says Rob Pletch, chairman of the community-owned CFL team’s board of directors.

“But what we really want is a firm plan to do one project or the other

— renew or build new — that is endorsed by the city
and the province, and maybe the federal government,

and is committed to on a fairly urgent time-track basis.’’

The board appointed a special committee
one year ago to explore the stadium issue.

The key question is whether Mosaic Stadium will be renewed or replaced.

A major modernization and enhancement of the city-owned stadium
could cost as much as $100 million over four or five years,

so the debate continues as to whether it would be preferable
to dedicate such resources to a new facility.

And, if so, would it be indoors or outdoors?

“We don’t own the Taylor Field facility — the city does,’’ says Pletch,
referring to Mosaic Stadium, the practice field and associated parking.

“We were merely tenants. So any major plan involving these facilities

— to upgrade or abandon for new — will start
with the city’s decision-making, not ours.’’

Before the Pan Am games bid our story didn't sounds like theirs,

but if our bid for The Games is successful we could get similar results

Roughriders president-CEO Jim Hopson and Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco
are interested in pursuing the concept of a domed stadium.

Although...not a top priority, the province
is exploring the feasibility of a new stadium.

In the event of a renewal project, it would take
four or five years and be completed in stages.’

There is some urgency in light of the Roughriders’
intent to stage another Grey Cup in Regina.

2010, is Regina's centennial. The club is 100 years old.

In 2013, we have Grey Cup here.

I meant, our situation on the ground, the physical state
of our city-owned stadium, was, and is, the same as theirs'

but, understandably we didn't have political support
because we didn't have a booming economy like theirs'

Hopefully, both cities get a new stadium.

If only there was a way to get the funds
for an open roofed domed stadium.

Even if they broke ground today, could a domed stadium be ready for the 2010 season?