will Ricky Williams Be Back?

he was just placed on IR today, and his release is expected some time soon. i don't believe any nfl team will take a chance with him, so maybe he'll come back to the argos and smoke all the weed he wants making 300 grand a year

And tear up the CFL like he did in 2006? :roll:

I'm sure the Argos are racing to get their cheque book out! :roll: :roll: :roll:

NO, he wont be back.

I hope not.....we dont need him

The injury he did get was a bit bizarre, a defender stepped on him after he got tackled, but the defender wasnt at fault either. It was the terrible field conditions that turned out to be the problem. IMO, the Dolphins need to take that into account when assessing wether or not to release him.

:lol: :lol: :lol: Ouch.

But I agree with everyone else. We don't really need him, and I don't really want him. Stay in the NFL.

Though it wouldn't surprise me if he did try to finish his career here...

I dont think any CFL team really needs him, he really does not represent an upgrade for any of the teams in this league.

I like Ricky but agree, not needed here. There are so many slightly undersized for the NFL backs coming out of college who are utterly fantastic that it makes more sense to go after these guys. At a lower salary also.

The way Ricky is playing and the fact that he's constantly injured probably means he'll be out of football before long.

heres a question. when did he tear up the cfl?

i guess we haven't heard of sarcasm

Sarcasm FBM, If you go and look at some old posts, Rickey Williams was supposed to be Gods gift to the Argo's. People made outrageous statements that Williams would break every CFL Record and the Argos would be a shoo-in to win the cup.

Not even close.

No..cfl has great choices, and he is not one of them.
On a side note..How can the dolphins release him, didn't he sign a contract? What are the rules, when a player is injured?

He did't play long, injured for the rest of the season.

I would like to see him back but i dont know if its worth it. The more NFL players in the league the better even if they are pot heads, BRING ON VICK LOL