Will Ricky Be Back in Toronto ...tests positive for marijua

No, he would be considered cut. As in no contract. As in FA. Not Suspended.

wow...some thick skulls in this forum.

your still wrong.

when he retired from the NFL cuz he was suspended, he was still under suspension in the NFL...thats why, when he returned, he still had to serve out his suspension.

people here seem to think the dolphins will cut him cuz hes suspended, and then hes free to come up here, which isn't true.

he has to get reinstated in the NFL first ( passing drug tests ), THEN get cut from the dolphins before he can come up here to play again....

so he can't come here until he's been reinstated in the NFL first and his suspension issues are closed there.

just to show u how dumb you are, your theory would suggest that while suspended in the NFL, the dolphins cut him making him ( according to you ) a F.A. and nolonger suspended..so he signs with some other NFL team and is free to play again....

[b]CFL's board of governors passed a code of conduct policy preventing its teams from signing players under suspension by other leagues, including the NFL. [/b]

"I can definitively say Ricky Williams will not be in the CFL this season," Pelley said.

[quote="BarneyFife"]I know rules are rules and they should be for EVERYONE but to give some sense of proportion on the issue, we are talking about smoking grass. How many players do you think there'd be in any league if they suspended everyone who smoked? Owners too for that matter. If the rule is that a player caught smoking grass must be suspended, then fine, Ricky doesn't play. But keep in mind that he wasn't accused of beating his wife and child, wasn't caught driving drunk, didn't go around having unprotected sex while HIV positive, wasn't running around with the "gangsta" crowd.... If there is such a thing, Ricky's was a victimless crime.

But he is an idiot for smoking under the circumstances.

Your last sentence is the most important point in your entire post, Barney.
This guy was caught 4 times and I'm thinking he may have either taken too many hits to the head during his playing career or too many hits of another type.

I continue to hope he's gone for good. Professional sport really has an obligation to its fans and teams to start putting their collective foot down.

Alot of good points but I wonder why the NFL has a weed policy and no other league that I’ve heard of has ever enforced this same weed policy?

Certainly ,we in the CFL can’t act shocked that a player has tested positive for weed when we don’t even test for steroids ;crack cocaine ;speed ;bennies; antihistimenes or any other performance enhancing substances.

Personally I think this is wrong to test for weed as it has no performance enhancing effect what so ever.

OK, NFL owners want their fans to know that all football players are clean,period!

Are they ?

No way!,or I doubt it very much,just like Carl Lewis wasn’t clean or caught taking steroids and Ben Johnson was caught or rather tricked into drinking something by a beautiful female as has been mentioned by Ben , is more like it.
Carl Lewis’ American big money agents kept him clean for the testing even though he was guilty of taking steroids.
So we have known for decades of the two sided doping testing and cover ups ,masking agents ,blood cleansing etc that goes on ,yet we act shocked when Ricky is caught with a trace of weed in his blood …
Are all players checked on a regular basis ,or only certain players that set off alarm bells like Ricky?
Weed? ,big deal!?
Come on back to the CFL Ricky .

Maybe we should Let Ottawa have the rights to Ricky and Rights to Quincy Carter ..

Call the new Team the Ottawa Rastafarians

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But maybe the media trying to make a big story here has jumped to conclusions. Maybe it wasn't a drug test but a psychiatric test. The fact the NFL is supposedly delaying his reinstatement until September instead of outright suspending him for good makes one wonder if it wasn't a weed test after all.

Williams, through his agent, Leigh Steinberg, issued a statement to The Associated Press:

"Due to the recent reports about me failing a drug test, I feel it is appropriate for me to issue this statement. Last month, following a psychological evaluation requested by the NFL, we -- the psychiatrist and I -- came to the realization that there were a few things I needed to iron out about myself in order to make my return to the NFL as successful as possible.

"I am an honest, God-fearing man who is intensely dedicated to being the best person I can be on and off the football field. There is no need to smear my name or to defame my character for the sake of news. When the time is right, God willing, I will be back on the field scoring touchdowns for whatever team is fortunate enough to believe in me."

The Dolphins and the NFL declined comment

just to show u how dumb you are,
wow...some thick skulls in this forum.

Please play nice. You are welcome to argue and to critique each other's arguements. But insulting the person as opposed to the argument does two bad things.

One is that it makes the poster himself look petty and mean, and secondly it causes the mods to consider asking the poster to take an involuntary vacation from the site.

Cheers, Bob.

Thats a great post right there.

I don't think that we'll see Ricky in the CFL again... and it's a shame. I'm pretty sure that he's done with football. I doubt he'll ever play again. Unless he catches on with some Arena League team in order to make a few bucks to pay off some debts.

Like one poster said... if there's such thing as a victimless crime I'd say smoking grass is it.

Given the choice of having a pot smoker or a woman abuser on my team... it's an easy answer.

I believe the NFL has tested Ricky twice a week,
since his suspension began, including last year
with the Argos. That's over 100 successful tests.

He probably failed that April NFL marijuana test.

Although some posters here, who apparently
think people with mental health disorders
should just get over it, won't understand,

I think the NFL only delayed his reinstatement
until September instead of punishing him further
because they realize his anxiety about being
in that NFL spotlight may be preying on him again.

I know Ricky really doesn't wants that

but it's the only way for him to pay back
the $8.6 he owes the Miami Dolphins
is to strap on the pads in the NFL.

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I second that. The issue has nothing to with anyone's personal views on the subject of marijuana. It has to do with the fact that he let his teammates down AGAIN and he broke the rules. End of story.

Should all people with mental health issues
be banned from making a living in the NFL

because they are not capable of making
mentally sound decisions all the time?

Remember that guy with mental health issues
who disappeared on his team at a Super Bowl?

Barrett Robbins, a Centre for the Oakland Raiders,

He showed up incoherent the night before
the 2003 Super Bowl and was deactivated.

It turned out he had bipolar disease
and he hadn’t been taking his medication.

He spent a month in an alcohol rehabilitation center,
and he returned to the team for the following season.

He was released in 2004 after he tested positive for steroids.

There’s no such word as “apublishing”.

So should we eliminate TVs if someone is murdered during a break in to steal a TV?

What about money? Should we make that illegal too since people will kill for that?

You still have to buy it from a drug dealer as well...the list goes on.
No you don't. You can grow your own, or buy some from a friend who grows their own.

I was gonna post this exact post word for word but I did'nt manage to get by the fact that I didn't thunk it up fast enough, or I woulda.. :lol: :lol:

Seems Ballard86 has a place here.....
Cuz he's been put in it

I do concur with this post tho... no need to criticize our illustrious CareTaker

I'm from the "old school" in terms of drugs. During the 60s, those of us in supervisory positions at my place of employment were told to take pot smoking very seriously and report anyone who appeared even remotely suspicious in terms of what was once thought to be a very serious crime. Many of those caught, lost their jobs.

The thinking then was that marijuana could lead to more serious drug abuse.

Frankly, since I have never "smoked up", I can't say from personal experience if this assumption was correct.

Most folks in the generations following the 60s seem to have the idea that that there is nothing wrong with pot smoking and, I don't know; perhaps they're right.

I've reached the stage where I don't have a problem with it if it is taken for legitimate medicinal purposes, although, I don't think this is yet lawful.

I just completed an extensive research of Ricky Williams and can't find any evidence of him ever using drugs other than marijana. I have found plenty of evidence, however to suggest that he may have bi-polar problems.

Putting all the facts into perspective, I have reached a personal conclusion, that if marijana is assisting Ricky with his mental health problems, by all means, he should be allowed to us it.

This statement completely refutes my earlier post (before I knew all the facts) that he should never be allowed to play football again if he was guilty of using drugs.

Poor mental health is a devastating disease. It is in my own family. (A daughter)

If marijuana could help some of these poor souls to have an improved quality of life, I would be all for it.

If, however, folks are just taking the stuff for kicks, I am still of the belief that they should be subjected to the full extent of the law.

I was hoping that the the questions I asked about mental health
might influence some poster[s] here to reflect on the challenges
that people afflicted with mental health problems face.

I hoped that some of you might step back from your stereotypes

and learn about the difficulties that the mentally sick have,
in being in control of their destructive behavior,
24hrs/day, 7 days/wk, 52 wks/year, year after year

once mental sickness has won many, many victory over them.

and, hopefully, come to understand better what they face.


I would be presumptuous of me
to think I influenced you, rocky123

but if I did even a little, it makes
the positive change in your perspective
towards this issue even more pleasing to me.

ricky was tested every week while in the CFL and every week since...he has passed every one, until this rumoured failed test has come up.

sounds to me less like a person who just smokes up all the time for kicks( or he wouldnt have passed every week for a year ), but more like someone with a MHD who may have just had a relapse....if this rumour of a failed test is proven true.