Will Ricky Be Back in Toronto ...tests positive for marijua


Report: Ricky Williams tests positive for marijuana again

Associated Press
Posted May 11 2007, 1:23 PM EDT

MIAMI -- Former NFL rushing champion Ricky Williams tested positive again for marijuana last month, delaying his return to the league until at least September, a person familiar with the case said Friday.

Williams sought to end a one-year drug suspension last month when he asked to rejoin the Miami Dolphins. But following the positive drug test, clinicians in the program advised NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to delay reinstatement,

Dose This mean back in Toronto ???
He did sign year + an Option??

Didn't He?

CFL nolonger allows players in the CFL who are suspended in another league...
so NO we wont see Ricky here.

i dont know that the argos would even want him here, really....he didnt help sell tickets, he didnt increase tv ratings and he didnt play that well.

No that is what me mad they changed the rules for him no option year.

they didnt change the rules for ricky.

he signed a one year plus option with the argos, but his option was picked up by the dolphins....dolphins own him now.

Right Unless they Cut Him..
Then Ricky Can Come back to Toronto..
Cause he Option Right then Fall back Toronto.

I Cant see Pinball Tuning his back on 1 of his Players

Wow, Ricky Williams lets down his team AGAIN!

Didn't see that one coming...

The enigmatic Miami Dolphins running back signed a one-year contract with the Argonauts, allowing him to play football while serving a one-year suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy for a fourth time.

Freshly shorn and clean-shaven, Williams - who came to be known for his scraggly beard and dreadlocks - explained his decision to come to the Canadian Football League was largely a desire to start fresh. He felt Toronto was the perfect place to do that.

"Ever since I first arrived in Toronto, I've been surrounded by nothing but positivity," said Williams, who will wear jersey No. 27. "Everyone has been so nice. It's really an uplifting feeling to be in this kind of environment."

Despite concerns about the potential of a career-ending injury, the Dolphins allowed Williams to negotiate a deal with the Argonauts. His contract does not include an option for 2007, and he is free to return to Miami next year if he is reinstated by the NFL commissioner.

This off the cfl web sit??

The Dolphins will not cut him because he's suspended and does not get paid, does not count against the cap, and does not take up a roster spot.

Some people never learn. They become full of themselves and obviously think they can take liberties they don't have.
It wouldn't bother me if Ricky Williams never played football again. I though the Argos showed no class for picking him up last year after the NFL saw fit to dump him for the year.
I'm glad that the new rule has come into being and I hope the CFL stands by it.

this kills this topic:

Pelley said in the off-season the CFL’s board of governors passed a code of conduct policy preventing its teams from signing players under suspension by other leagues, including the NFL.

“I can definitively say Ricky Williams will not be in the CFL this season,” Pelley said.

source: toronto sun

I hope the league stands by the policy too. However, when Williams played in TO, he truly was a model citizen and I honestly believe that should not be lost on us.

re-"/I've got no regrets about Ricky Williams at all. He was a model citizen here. The only regret is the fact that he didn't run for 2,000 yards and we didn't win a Grey Cup.''
--------- As good as Williams is , He was never as good as mike Pringle, or many other CFl RB,s- Imho the same could be said for other nfl 1st string players.

However, if Miami decides to give up on him (cut him) and he is without a contract in the NFL I think he could play here.

but he would still be considered suspended in another league.

wow...some thick skulls in this forum.

I know rules are rules and they should be for EVERYONE but to give some sense of proportion on the issue, we are talking about smoking grass. How many players do you think there'd be in any league if they suspended everyone who smoked? Owners too for that matter. If the rule is that a player caught smoking grass must be suspended, then fine, Ricky doesn't play. But keep in mind that he wasn't accused of beating his wife and child, wasn't caught driving drunk, didn't go around having unprotected sex while HIV positive, wasn't running around with the "gangsta" crowd.... If there is such a thing, Ricky's was a victimless crime.

But he is an idiot for smoking under the circumstances.

An Argo-Cat fan

Good one Barney!
I got to agree with Barney because I have smoked grass in my youth ,"but I never inhaled eh" that it perplexes me that the NFL is so uptight about a weed positive Williams .

Big deal!
No,he's not running around playing stoned ,he's just had a relaxing Bob Marley moment ,once again big deal!

Hope Ricky comes back to the Argos and plays in the CFL where he belongs!


It's not, "just grass" or a "victimless crime".

Ask the family of the man murdered in the grow operation in Toronto last week if weed is victimless.

You still have to buy it from a drug dealer as well...the list goes on.

I'll get off my soapbox now.

hendy77-wrote-"It's not, "just grass" or a "victimless crime".

Ask the family of the man murdered in the grow operation in Toronto last week if weed is victimless.

You still have to buy it from a drug dealer as well...the list goes on.

I'll get off my soapbox now."---------------- Prohabition failed with alcohol (because of criminal control of manufacture and distribution and its failed with canibas , so why not De-criminalize it- ill step down now.

If they booted everyone who ever smoked a joint off this website I have a feeling it'd be mighty quiet in here.

An Argo-Cat fan

You don't think it's a big deal that he's now screwed over his teammates twice for the sake of a joint?
How about the fact that he now owes the Dolphins 8 million dollars, which could have easily been dealt with in one (NFL) season or even waived if he at least gave a shit enough to stay straight for a year.

And how's about his family? Carrer day with Dad would be a hoot.

'here's my dad, he sacrificed a multi-million dollar life and an NFL pension that's more annually than most people make....for a joint. He also walked out on his teammmates and thinks the world revovles around him and has now seen to it that no player in his right mind would want to play beside him....but he's my dad and we like him....cause it's no big deal'.

He should never be put in a environment again where anyone has to rely on him, he's proven too many times he can't be counted on to step up when he needs to.