Will Ranek outshine Ricky ?!?!?

I think Josh Ranek will outshine Ricky Friday night, does anyone agree?
Also I believe COREY Holmes will STANDOUT over EVERYONE!!!

DIABLO :twisted:

is ranek gonna get alot of playing time?

if so, then yes.

This is a silly question, considering it's PRE-SEASON

I doubt Ranek will play much more than 1 quarter. The team needs to see who will be backup at both RB and FB.

(but I am looking for Holmes to make a statement, so forgive me by half for the "silly" comment)

No chance. No offence to Ranek who is an o.k back, he is not in the same league as Rick. And who cares who outshines who in a pre-season game, they're meaningless, the coaches know who they're going to keep and who they're going to throw away after training camp.

No offence to Ranek who is an o.k back, he is not in the same league as Rick
actually Ricky WIlliams is playing in the CFL this year... thought you heard about that...

on a more serious note (sorry drexl i couldn’t help myself) i think the bigger question will be, will JJ or Avery outshine Williams in the preseason games.

now THAT will be a fun battle to watch.

With only one week or less in the Argo training camp ,you have to wonder if Ricky will get hurt by playing too soon....?

Players with CFL experience will have a hand up on RW or anyone that hasn't played the CFL game. But after about 3 games, that will be enough, these guys will figure out the wider field and other stuff and start using it to their advantage. Especially someone as bright as RW.

ranek outshone ricky. so did holmes. so did davis. it's early, but while they may figure out how to use ricky, we'll be figuring out how to use all three of these guys...individuals can shine, but teams get shiny trophies...and we have the makings of a very good team, perhaps for a very long time (they've opted for a one year rental)