***will Printers stay or go???

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Three-year deal would be worth about $400,000 per year according to Vancouver Province

By Lowell Ullrich,
Vancouver Province

Casey Printers may not have liked how he was treated by the Lions last season, but he can't say the same about their approach towards him so far this winter.

On his last day before leaving on a month-long Hawaiian vacation, Lions coach Wally Buono made a minimum three-year contract offer to the quarterback which is in excess of the back-ended deal for $1 million he turned down prior to last season.

A source close to the negotiation Sunday pegged the average annual value of the contract at the $400,000 mark and it is clear that Printers is considering the proposal.

"He smiled and said 'not bad'," agent Jason Medlock told CKNW.

Printers said last week that he would not forget the way in which the Lions treated him during his third CFL season, in which he was bothered by toe and shoulder problems.

But it was not enough to prevent Buono from Friday tabling a proposal that would force Printers to consider the Lions as he continues his option-year NFL tryouts.

Printers has workouts set for Oakland today and Detroit Friday, Medlock told the station. Buono's offer would not alter that timetable, as NFL teams can't sign option-year players until Jan. 2 although talks can take place now.

Buono's offer is another sign the club does not wish to go further with Dave Dickenson, who showed signs of frustration with the process in an interview with The Province last week.

"If that's the way [Buono] is going to play it, then just say it that way," Dickenson said. "But he's never told me that." Dickenson said he thinks a concussion he suffered in an Oct. 1 game against Saskatchewan changed B.C.'s plan to let Printers try the NFL without offering him a contract.

i hope the Lions don't re-sign Printers then trade DD to toronto for Damon allen, like Marty York says.....then again, its Marty York were talkin about...lo

[url=lhttp://www.metronews.ca/column_york_report.asp?id=12731&cid=10223]lhttp://www.metronews.ca/column_york_re ... &cid=10223[/url]

....IF ...D.D. becomes available.....look for more than a few teams in this league to come knocking.....could get very interesting.... :wink:

I hope the Argos don't get D.D.
He is way overrated.
To many injuries.
Keep D.A. he has proven himself over and over.Heck even put in Bishop as starter before D.D.

i agree, that the argos should stick with Allen…but i dont agree that bishop is better than DD…not even close.

i hope this is a sign-and-trade…trade Printers asoon as they sign him.

but theres been afew articles now, where its DD whose been whiney.

I never said Bishop was better.I just don't like D.D.

Wally is not stupid..the fragile DD is talking himself right off the team...
With Pierce as # 2..the Lion's are set, at the QB spot...

Good point Hank.

its really hard to imagine Printers playing for the Leos next year after all Printers has said recently about the Lions. thats why i think the Lions are lookin at a sign-and-trade for some O-linemen.

heres something from the National Post:

It's hard to pinpoint the precise moment -- the 2004 Grey Cup? this year's training camp? this year's playoffs? -- when Casey Printers turned into the world's biggest baby, but it's now apparent his health problems this past CFL season had something to do with colic. Last week, as his parting shot to the B.C. Lions, Printers said he won't forget how people kicked him when he was down, nor would he forget how he was toyed with. It's hard to know what, exactly, he was talking about but, incredibly, he then added: "I still want to be a B.C. Lion." Printers is currently trying out with NFL teams. This past season the Leos tried to make Printers a millionaire after one good season, tolerated his pouty-pants act and endured the mindless warblings of his agent, Jason Medlock. And this was his way of saying thanks.

The soap opera continues.....The agent and Buono are sure playing the media as a "negotiation tool". You should hear the open line shows, opinions flip floppin like a fish out of water.

Printers will NEVER play for the Leos again.
After the way he has been treated the last couple of years as a lion.Nope,I can't see it.
If he doesn't make it in the NFL.There is only one team that will spend that much money in the cfl.
Printers will be an ARGO!!!!

Good possibility! Argos have some good linemen we could use. (We don't want Avery!) Trouble is Buono has poisoned both Printers and Dickenson....Who starts in BC?

i dont think Dickenson is worth as much as Printers in a trade, because of his injuries ( including head ).

Dickenson is fragile......I'm really choked at Buono the way he's handled this.

Printers will tryout for the NFL next spring. Lions will be able to sign him back if he come back to BC. But i'd be surprised..

Printers doesn't seem very happy with the new deal the Lions is offering him.

just look at his pic! :lol:

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Just today on ESPN.com it was said that the Detroit Lions made an offer of three years and 1.2 million dollars to Casey Printers. Excuse me, but in the NFL that's about what they would pay a good backup quarterback with a couple of years of experience in the NFL. Any starting quarterback or a backup that used to start for another team would make a whole lot more money than that amount. If I was Casey Printers, I would find a team that needs a starting quarterback such as the Baltimore Ravens, Oakland Raiders (Kerry Collins will be let go or traded after this season), New Orleans Saints, or Cleveland Browns, and get a contract worthy of a starting QB.
CFL QB's coming down to the NFL are a real risk for the NFL, and most don't seem to work out. Dieter Brock, when he went to the LA Rams played pretty well for one season, then was awful and got cut halfway thru the second season. Jeff Garcia played very well with the San Francisco 49ers but I think he just wore out his welcome, and he didn't get along with Terrell Owens either (That's a real shocker because Jeff Garcia was all about the team, and Terrell Owens was all about himself).
The two huge success stories about quarterbacks that played in the CFL and then were successful in the NFL are the two all-time greats, Warren Moon and Doug Flutie. Warren Moon played at the University of Washington in Seattle and led his team to victory in the 1978 Rose Bowl game versus Michigan, and then wasn't even drafted in the NFL, and that's why he went up to Canada to play. My only question is, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE????? His CFL success, 5 Grey Cup wins in six years is amazing, and his time in the NFL with the Houston Oilers (Now Tennessee Titans), Minnesota Vikings, and Kansas City Chiefs, although producing no Super Bowl appearances, showed him to be a great QB. Doug Flutie wasn't successful at first with the Chicago Bears or the New England Patriots (First time with them), but was truly great in the CFL with the BC Lions, Calgary Stampeders, and the Toronto Argonauts (3 Grey Cup wins). Then back in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills and San Diego Chargers, where he played well and got both teams into the playoffs, and never should have been let go by Buffalo. He's now back with the New England Patriots, but rarely plays at all.
Finally, Ricky Ray was awful when he went to the New York Jets for the 2003 season, I don't even think he made it out of training camp and onto the opening day roster.
So, if I was Casey Printers, if he doesn't get with the right team he won't be playing much and won't be making the kind of money he'd like to be making. It may be better for him to stay in the CFL, be a starter and make decent money, than to be a reserve in the NFL and not play a whole lot, but make a bit more money than he was in the CFL. I'd rather play and be happy.

if thats the case...ha can make 1.2 million over 3 years bench warming in the NFL...OR make 1.2 million over 3 years starting in the CFL....

not too tough of a choice for me to make.

I agree, I'd rather be playing. However, I have a feeling he's gonna be going to the NFL this season as a 2nd/3rd or even 4th string qb.

Don't forget how the NFL money is not guaranteed, mind you neither is the CFL. But, I would suspect how the offer by BC is virtually guaranteed for the durantion of the contract. Meanwhile, no NFL $ would be especially for an unproven player. With his age and overall picture, staying in the CFL would be more beneficial for CP.