Will Printer's Re-Negotiate?

It's not unheard of for players to re-work their deals either for the good of the team or to get a longer term. Kerry Joseph was willing to take a pay cut to help Sask put together a Grey Cup team, but then wanted to recoup and was dealt to Toronto. I think Obie should approach Casey about his contract. If released there is no way Casey signs elsewhere for anything close to what he is making now and Obie can release him at any time and isn't on the hook for anything. I'd be willing to keep Casey for $300K /year and add another year to his deal to give him a carrot. Casey might jump at that to stay among the higher paid QBs in the league. His performance hasn't met expectations but seniority does count for something in any business and he has paid some dues in his career. At this point I still think you treat him as an asset, but the contract makes it hard to deal him so teams may just wait until he gets released and try to sign him on the cheap. If he's willing to sacrifice some cash now to improve the team and maybe get some longer term security, it's worth exploring. The NFL option has expired so he has to think about his future. Any thoughts?

I think he's making about 300k now. I believe his contract was front end loaded.

I wouldn't consider any such move until ater training camp when it is determined who the number 1 QB is. After all we could end up with a new OC or offensive scheme that just might be better suited to his talents.

In the case that he does not show well at training camp, and both Porter and Tafralis do, then I'd be prepared to get rid of him via a trade or outright release.

If Printers is only making 300 K this year (instead of the 500 K I thought he was making), I'd definitely think other teams would trade for him. I think he's making more than 300 K.

His time has come and gone. Trade or release him.

He got $100,000 bonus for signing in September of '07 on his '07 salary
and a pre-2008 bonus? which averaged down his annual salary thereafter

so his salary works out to about $400,000-425,000 per year

a salary no other team will accept.

He won't budge on reducing it unless the Ticats consider him # 2
or worse after a competition for # 1 at training camp, if at all.

Don’t cut him, try to renegotiate his salary, then trade him. There are teams interested in
him. I’m try of the cats leting good players go and getting nothing :thdn: for them.

Printers should agree to this to help the team that overpayed for him these past two years, but he won't because he wouldn't be able to control where he was traded to. There are undoubtedly cities he does not want to play in, and coaches he wouldn't want to play for, etc.

As much as I would like to see printers come to camp I think that with his salary we need to cut him right now and use his money to get us some talented linemen.

Casey will not renegotiate his deal now. He'll probably wait until training camp if he doesn't emerge as the starter.

Now would also be the time to try and trade him for a starting linemen and use the free cash to sign more free agents. Toronto, Winnipeg and SSK are all looking to see if they can upgrade at the QB position.

I think the time is now for us to make a move with Casey. Waiting until training camp will not allow us to to use his money on free agents. Again we would probably land the best NFL cut in September if we cut him at training camp.

I think we are solid with Tafralis and Porter. Reminds me of Jackson and Pierce.

Got a feeling that Printers will be traded sooner than many think. There are a few teams in desperate need of a QB and I think they will be after him as soon as possible so tha they can plan what their Offense will look like. Like I said, just a gut feeling.

Whats so bad about him not wanting to take a pay cut he signed a contract those are the chances an organization makes when signing a player. not too often when a guy is playing better then his salary is worth does a team come forward and say hey lets give you a raise. how many ppl in this room would gladly take a pay decrease from their employer. That being said id like to see him still here as i think trading him or releasing will burn us much like ac did

Welcome to the real world Casey. I can not forsee Obie or Bob wanting to continue to pay Casey the current amount of money for sub-par performance. This is a simple case of show me what you have done lately - not what you achieved 4 years ago. Casey will have to do a little soul searching a come to grips that he needs to turn his play up several notches. Ego aside - Casey is not worth $400.00 a year to be out played by Porter.

he will make between 400 and 450k this year(next season I mean).

Money well waisted…

You mean the food Beetlejuice has been eating, armchair?

healthfood and 'special supplements' only.

You guys would be silly to release him if he could be traded for someone.
Better still, I would still bring him in next year to compete for a job. Until the start of the season, it does not cost the team anything.
There is still the chance he might catch on fire as we have seen it once before.

I think O'Bill has already desided Caseys fate. :frowning:

You’re not called Beetlejuice for nothing.

I agree. He won't renegotiate unless he is officially demoted and he is under no obligation to. People, who have a problem with his salary, really really really need to get over it already. If he comes out as the starter after training camp then he deserves starter money. If he is back up then he will most likely renegotiate but he still is not obligated if he chooses not to.

It never ceases to amaze me though, this myth about how selfish Casey is that people perpetuate around here. Did he squawk once this year about being benched? Did he pout? Or was he on the sidelines cheering on his teammates and giving props due to the starter when he was making plays? I think we all know the answer to that.

I want the best qb to start this year. I'd be just as happy with Printers or Porter, though Porter has definitely looked like the sharper of the two. But I don't believe the Ticats and the CFL have seen the last of Casey Printers.