Will Printers be able to pull out a win vs Calgary?

Can he do it?

honestly now.. try not to be biased or unrealistic..

the big question really is can Casey Printers pull out a win against the Stamps? who have had the Lions # this year..

I think about it, I look at how Calgary is and I say no.

Calgary has a very strong Defense and they are capable of dominating, so I think it might be close but I can't see it.

IF our O-Line can give him a little time, yes.
But with Reid out, I dunno. it'll be a damn close game regardless but I think the Lions (not just a single player) will get the win.

yeah, nothing is for certain.. I think I'd like to see him do it.. if he can pull a big game out again, yes.

well... Bc is due to beat us sometime... but man, the way calgary played the last game... could be hard to stop them.

I think it is certainly doable. In BC's favour:

  • Casey played well last week and should be more comfortable with all the additional reps he's getting;
  • BC has been playing pretty decent ball since the start of Sept; and
  • the Dome will be loud!

In Calgary's favour:

  • there are a lot of injuries on the Lions (Reid, Mallet, George, Hunt, Miles, Harris,...)
  • Calgary has also been playing decent of late

Overall, I think Chris Schultz put it well: my head says Calgary but my heart says BC. I will go with the heart.


Angus Reid is gone. Two other starters injured from the Sask game. Printers proves once again he is a dumb Quarterback.

Ball is on the 7 yard line in over time and he throws into double coverage??? That ball should have been thrown to the Saskatchewan Marching band (Do they still play in the end zone?). Dumb, dumb, dumb. Thats why I didn’t like Printers in 2004.

Yes, he was throwing to the end zone where the band sits.

My concern will be that Calgary now has a week of tape to gameplan for Casey. Being the first to play somebody new is often harder. Calgary will be better able to prepare for keeping Printers in the pocket, and when he scrambles, force him to look other than to Simon. If they do that, it will be interesting to see how BC adjusts.

And if Reid is really done, that's a big one.

With BC's injuries, it will be tough

At the very least, it should be interesting... :cowboy: