Will Ottawa be there this year?

Last year working at the Grey Cup events in Winnipeg I saw no Ottawa float in the Grey Cup parrade, yet I saw a Baltimore Stalion float and a Halifax Schooner float. No Ottawa Float.
I met many people wearing jerseys from every football city including Baltimore.
In the four days I was there , it was not until the last of Grey Cup that I finally saw 2, count them, 2 Ottawa fans in Jerseys.
Now my question this Grey Cup is... will Ottawa show up this year?

Why would it be?


Well the city of Ottawa should I do not see them moving the city anywhere!

what I am asking is that will CFL fans from Ottawa actually show up at the grey cup and take part in the events.

I know several people that are going, or at least planned to.

I'm an Ottawa fan and I'm going.

Make sure BB sees you, otherwise you don't exist. :wink:

well you have one up on me, I am not going as of yet because of college, but I am still thinking about it.
I dont need to see you, I beleave that you will be there. But you have to give me a report on here and tell everyone what a great time you had. But please where a jersey and show your colors.

So? How did it go?

I met at least a dozen fans at the game. BB what side of the city did you say you were in? LOL

Beer, I gotta admit I was on the lookout for Ottawa fans, ever since I heard your conclusion that since you didn't see any at the Winnipeg Grey Cup, there must not be any in existence. I was wearing my nice black Renegades jersey on the Saturday and Monday, so maybe I was one of the two you saw. But, I saw a bunch of Ottawa fans - mostly for the Rough Riders, but they were out there, wearing hats, sweaters, jerseys, coats, etc. I think I drove my friend nuts by pointing out time and time again, "hey, there's an Ottawa fan". Most of them were older guys.
Compared with other teams, I saw about as many Ottawa fans as Montreal fans, and way more of them than Baltimore or Atlantic Schooners fans.