Will Ottawa Be Back Next Year.

Will Ottawa Be Back Next Year? Explain Why Or Why Not, Or Share Facts :slight_smile:

What Do You Think,

No, only because the league isn't going to rush it again. Last week in the interview with Brian Williams, a league official said likely in 07 so that way everything will be stable and ready to go. Not to mention this is going to be a 1 shot deal. Ottawa won't forgive another Glieberdisaster.

the cfl just isn't the same without ottawa. in 93 when I lived in hamilton I went on a bus trip to ottawa with the cats claws. great game! the cats won by 1 point with a field goal at the end. the stadium is pretty cool. similar to ivor wynne kinda.

No, because Ted Hellard, the head of the league's expansion committee said so.

As much as I'd like to see a team in Ottawa asap, it won't happen until 2008 or even later. I've read that they have 3 legit parties interested but insufficient time to field a team for 2007 and do it properly. And unfortunately, this means that further expansion to Halifax or Quebec City will have to wait until after that.

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Not sure if it will, but the GG group seems solid. I don't see why they couldn't get it done.

I hope so, but I don't think the outlook is too good. sigh

Not this year... but do it right, the, uh, first time. Sorta.