Will Onterrio Smith/Ricky Williams dominate the CFL?

It could be called the Brokeback play :lol:

There are FAR too many factors that contribute to an individual's success, on any team, in any league, to be drawing any conclusions in regards to league wide talent. Especially if you are assessing those that have flunked out of the other league ...

If you are already in the boat that believes the general CFL talent is on par with the general NFL talent - you are delusional.


:roll: As usual! the only delusional one here is you!

How many NFLers have come up here and been busts?? There are few who have made a smooth transition (Barry Wilburn) , but they are rare. You can say the same for those who try the NFL after being in the CFL. They are similiar games, but very different. Ask any player who has gone from one league to the other.

Your right Sambo but most were QB's which is hard for them to adapt to the size of the field and most are sit in the pocket trhow type QB's. I think Running Or Oline man would have an easier transition. Time will tell, I think the big problem for guys like Williams and Smith is the bloaty head sydrome.
You know they come up here looking at this experience as a minor league and I am to good for this attitude. Hopefully that will not transpire. The other problem is your team builds around these guys and after this year then what?

I agree with papa. Having Onterrio is not only a bonus as an offensive weapon but he also opens things up for Roberts. Now Roberts won't get mauled when he runs it up the gut. It will also open up the passing game for Kevin Glenn with the defense focusing on Smith and Charlie.

Look for a second place league finish for the Bombers this year.

I agree most are QBs. DBs such as Wilburn can also make an easier transition. I also agree that Williams and Smith might underestimate this league, which will be a huge mistake on their part. I would like to think that Toronto and Winnipeg would not get caught in building a team for one year, cause it would hurt you long term. Instead of trying to make headlines by taking these players, I would use my scouts to find good CFL candidates from the NCAA ranks, and draft solid Canadain talent.

What ever it is good hype and just might bring a dozen more people to the stadium that might not have gone in the first place. And that is good.

We've seen NFL greats come to this league, in there later playing years and stink out the CFL. Smith is not one of these players, he carries more weight than Roberts and he will help the short yardage. the combination of the two, will reek havoc in the CFL...the fake to Smith..n Roberts is off to the Races...TouchDown...
Would be nice...staying healthy, n a good O line is needed though, Go Bombers

Rison is a good example of NFL "uber-talent" that didn't do anything in the CFL. And Williams and Smith weren't cut from their teams for lack of talent. Anyway, I highly disagree that the general CFL player is significantly worse than the general NFL player, in terms of skill level and talent. If you consider someone who's physically smaller to be "worse", well I think that's a stupid aspect to judge talent on. I will admit that the best players in the NFL are better than the best players in the CFL. But I have no doubt that the best players in the CFL are better than most players in the NFL. And, I suspect that the rest are fairly comparable - and at that point, it comes down to which "flavour" of game suits you best.

If Williams and Smith underestimate the level of play in the CFL, they will be in for a big surprise. In either case, I highly doubt either one will break Pringle's rushing record. Even if they do, it's not like they'll smash it. CFL-bashers talk about NFL players as if any one of them woul'd be able to rewrite the record books forever if they played in the CFL - and I think that Smith (and maybe Williams) playing up here will show that that is NOT the case.

Of course them coming to the Bombers/Argos will make those teams better, just as if Winnipeg signing a QB or Toronto signing, say, Joffrey Reynolds would make them better. But I doubt they'll dominate the League. It will be interesting to see how they do ...

I don’t think Smith will tear up the CFL.
Infact, I’m sure Roberts will get the majority of the workload.
Smith will be used in relief, and on short yardage.
He may even get a shot at kick returns too,
remember we’re without Keith Stokes.
This is the CFL, and I think speed is an asset,
which is something Blink has plenty of.
We’ll see how it all pans out,
either way, I’m pumped for the season to start!!

if williams does play the 1 season…who would be toronto running back in 2007? i think avery would be gone and one of the young guys would get a chance johnson or the new guy they picked up forget his name.

The answer to one is Yes. Ricky Williams will tear up the CFL, cause the CFL is a tad slower than the NFL, and ricky williams is a tank. Let's face facts here, NFL rushing leader, going to a league where the average DB is like 5'8. no offense to the CFL because i love it, but generally the players are a little smaller. Ricky Williams is the size of a linebacker, and as fast as a premier running back in the NFL. now put that combination into the CFL and the Argo's look very scary right now. Sorry John Avery, you better start looking for work else where. Come to saskatchewan, but only if your a team player

Smith still hasn't proved anything in pro football yet, he could be good, time will tell. I still think Roberts will get most of the carries and be the premier back on the Bombers and continue to be one of the best in the league.

Williams on the other hand ran for over 1800 yards a few years ago against bigger defenders on a smaller field. There is not much of a difference between running in the two leagues. You have a qb hand the ball off to you and you run towards an endzone. The only difference in the CFL is there is a lot more room on the field. And if Williams can regain his form from a few years ago I expect him to do very well in this league.

As far as Andre Rison is concerned, he came into the CFL way past his prime. If he was still the Rison of old he would of still been playing in the NFL.

From the Argo's site At least I linked from the argo site

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Toronto/2006/05/13/1578222-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 2-sun.html[/url]

NFL bad boys a CFL concern

By PERRY LEFKO -- Toronto Sun

The Canadian Football League has concerns about the impact of its teams signing currently-suspended National Football League players.

The Toronto Sun has learned the CFL's competition committee discussed the subject yesterday among other topics.

The Argos prospect of signing running back Ricky Williams, who has been suspended for the entire 2006 NFL season for his fourth substance abuse violation, has become a hot-button issue.

The Argos are still hoping to receive official permission from the Miami Dolphins, whom Williams is under contract to for two more years, before they can even formally discuss a contract with him. Argo president Keith Pelley said yesterday the on-going situation could take another week or two to be resolved.

Winnipeg announced yesterday the signing of running back Onterrio Smith, who has been suspended for the first four games of the 2006 NFL season for his third substance abuse violation. He is not under contract to any NFL team.

There are no rules in the CFL against signing suspended NFL players and, in fact, it has happened in the past. But the prospect of the Williams signing and the Smith signing are being viewed differently. Moreover, the dynamics have changed because of the CFL-NFL working partnership which began in 1997 and the desire to keep that going.

"I don't think (the Smith signing and potential Williams signing) will affect it, but you want to keep a good working relationship," a team source said.

The competition committee also discussed the proposed implementation this year of instant replay and all of its components. It has been forwarded to the board of governors for approval, but is expected to pass and be announced next week. Teams will likely be allowed two challenges per half, including in the final two minutes, which is different from the NFL.

I havent heard any more on this , so I dont know if the report is true or not, or where that report originated when the Score posted it on their ticker.

PS-- the NFL ticker now says that the Dolphins are expected to let Williams play for the Argos

Williams isn't coming to the CFL, and I doubt Smith will stay for long, Roberts will dominate the league again.

and I don't think, or want, to see the league start a drug policy, I don't see the need.

and if there were one, the league would miss out on signing some good talent like Ricky in the first place, sometime you have to let the boys play, unless they take their personal life on the field.

he's no young guy, he's in his 6th year in the CFL

NEWS FLASH KANGA!! When you are a DRUG ADDICT like Williams, you ARE taking your personal life onto the field!!!!!!!! Personally, I am sick of this subject! Williams IS an addict. He is suspended from the nfl because of his FOURTH violation!!! Not 1 not 2 not 3.....but FOURTH!! How many chances do you want to give a self proclaimed IDIOT??

He should not be playing PROFESSIONAL football anywhere!!!

So he comes to a league where the team he ispotentially playing for has to institute its own drug policy, cause the league has their heads in the sand on this issue. The CFL needs a drug policy, the sooner the better.