Will OBIE go after DORSEY????

Is Dorsey worth the effort?????? He may be too one dimensional for Obie.

Here's my take (as an Argos fan, and a realist)

I think there's an serious opportunity for the Ticats to make a play for Dorsey, with two important caveats: price and performance.

When Dorsey explored an opportunity with the Redskins last season, it left the Argonauts in the lurch on special teams, and returns were remarkably poor in the first several games. However, this ultimately led to an opportunity for Andre Durie, who went on to have a fantastic year as a kick returner, racking up one of the best all-time seasons for the Argos. He shared time with Dorsey upon the latter's return, but continued to have the better performance before Dorsey suffered an injury and missed about a month-plus at the end of the season. Durie has since been re-signed by the Argos, and his status as a non-import makes him additionally attractive for ratio purposes. This, combined with needs at several positions, may have made Dorsey expendable by the club.

Dorsey will likely be looking for a raise, another reason the Argos may opt to pass. However, his limited performance last season should temper the scale of the increase. If his injuries have suitably healed, he would be an outstanding addition to the Ticats roster, and could add that explosiveness on returns. He is somewhat one-dimensional, and displayed limited effectiveness as a feature back for Toronto in 2008.

If his wage demands are reasonable and Toronto opts not to re-sign, I cannot see any reason that the Ticats should not bring Dorsey on-board.

IMO we are set at the RB position. Dorsey would just create a logjam at that position. Sure we need some help on kick returns but Dorsey is far too expensive as he's essentially be a 3rd string RB

Dorsey is a threat every time the opposition boots the ball.
I think we could use him for a couple of seasons....depending on the cost. :thup:

I think he'll be too costly for as said more of a one-dimensional guy. Pass.

If you listen to Bob's video update, he clearly states that he is looking for a return guy, who better than Dorsey ?

Jovon Johnson, but he re-signed with the Bomber's so yeah, now it's Dorsey or spend another season testing rookies.I still say we should've given Kevin Robinson another shot, a severely windy ball game with terrible blocking scheme's is an unfair audition for the guy.Hopefully he'll be back in TC this year.

Doesn't matter how good the returner is if you can't block.

McDaniel and Smith are good returners but we couldn't set them up last year.

Until you change up special teams with new talent or schemes, don't sign anyone.