...Will new dc be Hall?????

....Apparently the Cats can cross Richie Hall of of their list for a new dc....Hall says he would like to stay close to home (sask.) because of his fiancee and new house....sooooooo it looks like it will be either Wpg. or his present home in Regina...Taking a look at this a little deeper brings a few questions to mind...Will Marshall want Hall doing the same job Greg is qualified to do (defensive co-ordinator)???? AND is Chamblin being held in such high regard so as to get a shot for the Riders.... guess we'll see...In any event, i hope Marshall decides soon, on who his staff is going to be, so we can get on with filling ours... :roll:

I wonder if Mike Sinclair is on Winnipeg's radar for the DC position. Sinclair has been the defensive line coach for my Als the past few years and IMO has done an excellent job with our linemen. He's been able to get the front four playing effective football despite the departure of players like Keron Williams and Devon Claybrooks. I feel like he'd be an interesting dark-horse candidate for a DC position somewhere in this league.

It'll be very interesting to see where Hall ends up. . . really interesting in my case, because Mrs MadJack and I have a bet on it. . . I get $100 if he signs in Regina, and she gets the $100 if he does not (she isn't predicting between Hamilton and Winnipeg, just that she's convinced for some reason that he isn't going to return to Regina).

.....I'm pretty sure Hall will be offered the dc AND asst. coach title for the Bombers...Kavis Reed held those titles, so it follows suit the new dc. will get the same recognition... I don't see that being offered by the Riders...It still comes down to Marshall, because i'm sure Hall will remain in Regina if offered the position...There is a 'wild card' however in riderville, that being Chamblin who has been drawing rave reviews by some Rider fans and did get consideration for head coach...I wouldn't be surprised if Marshall goes with the 'up and comer' and if that's the case you can colour Ritchie Hall in BluenGold for 2011...You may have lost a 100 bucks MadJack :wink: :lol: AND NO I'm not going to take that bet MJ...I already have one with flag which could result in a few posts of 'crow eating' :lol:

I'm hoping for Regina, not to spite you guys or anything but if Hall doesn't replace Etcheverry, Brad Miller (our secondary coach who lead probably the worst secondary league wide the past 2 years he was here) will be our DC.

Brad Miller was assistant head coach for my Als during the poor 2007 season. Suffice it to say that I am not impressed with his CFL work. I hope you guys don’t make him DC.

So you want Hall to replace Etcheverry in Regina so that Etcheverry can come to Hamilton and prevent Miller from taking over as D/C. Fine as far as it goes, but why don't you want Hall in Hamilton ?

And 15, what makes you think Marshall will keep Etcheverry if Hall isn't available? There are other DC candidates for Marshall to consider besides Hall.

marshall and halls defensive philosophies are so drastically different that i cant see it happening. i think its wishful thinking by rider fans thinking everyone wants to be in sask. fact is, if marshall isnt allowed to put his own staff in place.. HE WILL FAIL. has he and all worked together b4? is there history there? if not, NOT A CHANCE.

who i think tho.. lapo was on h@l on thursday night and said they have talked to about 10-12 guys, all with cfl experience.. didnt mention names but did say that the guy they hire will have cfl coaching experience...

basically.. it comes down to hall and chamblin in my opinion and honestly im leaning toward cory chamblin. Respected by players, young bright mind. WORKS FOR ME.

There sure is. I stand to be corrected, but I believe Hall both played and coached (as secondary coach) under Marshall as D/C.

Because we had only 3 candidates for the job, Hall, Etcheverry and Miller and Hall already turned us down because he wants to be closer to his girl in Regina.He's deciding between Winnipeg and SSK now.