Will Nelly Furtado be another Bomb like Black Eyed Peas???

Tonight, Canadian Nelly Furtado will be singing at the Half Time show,

the big question is "will she be as bad as the Black Eyed Peas were in 2005"???

I hope not since she is a genuinely Canadian act, unlike the "Pees" from last year. The only problem is, Nelly will be bundled up like Shania was in Edmonton back in 2002.

Topless, it would be a good show. If she shows up just to sing, it will be awful. She is a rotten singer and her music stinks. I also saw her interview with Gill Deacon on CBC; she does not look to brite...

Well at least she is Canadian, and she must be more of a family act then the Black Eyed Peas.

I know a lot of older people weren't too impressed by a song about her Hump. In the last Grey Cup

Well, after further review, "Smelly F@rt-o" stank the place out live (just like BEP did last year). While we didn't get a song about someone's "humps", we did get the Euro 2004 theme, and songs about gals being promiscuous and maneaters. Not as blatant as Fergie's humps, but its treading close to the same line.