Will Nathan Rourke beat Doug Flutie's single season records?

Throwing for almost 300 yards and 3tds, isn't getting schooled.

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To say that Rourke got schooled in the game he played against the Bombers is not an insult to Rourke. With his learning comprehension and retention of the knowledge he gains, it is a very good thing. When you add to that his work ethic, attitude, and age, it seems quite clear that he will get even better than he is now before he even reaches his peak which probably won't be for another few years at least.

As far as any NFL interest in him goes, it is his age that the NFL would see as a great asset. To think that it may be conceivable that Rourke could be starting an NFL game - as a QB - before the age of 26 is what NFL teams would be most interested in. But of course, that is still all speculation at this point.

And don't count the Lions out just yet as far as negotiating a new contract with him. But it's probably safe to say that Nathan hasn't gone to all the trouble and dedication that he has set himself up for - since high school and playing division 1 NCAA football - just so he could land a good contract with the B.C. Lions. I'm assuming his goals for himself go beyond that. But we'll see.

In the meantime, he is setting an example for every other young player with a dream to play pro football what path to draw up for yourself and how to follow it. Good football players playing skilled positions with a Canadian passport may be a common thing soon.


If he stays healthy... the sky's the limit.


ROURKE is good, but the question may be……

Is his BROTHER better than Darren????

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It doesn’t matter what his garbage time stats were. The Bombers were up 21-0 before you could blink, in part because of Rourke errors and Zach had a phenomenal game. Rourke threw two IT’s and Zach none. It was Rourke’s only poor game of the season. That’s still not bad for a rookie as obviously he has exceeded everyone’s expectations. Maybe next meaningful game against the Bombers Rourke will turn the tables. But let’s not rewrite history. That was Winnipeg’s biggest and easiest win of the season, not because the Lions are easy to beat, but because Winnipeg used their experience to it’s advantage and showed true championship form. I am sure the Lions will be better prepared for their next meaningful game.

You're the only person I've know that considers the second quarter 'garbage time'. :grin:


Doug Flutue rarely if ever took a sack or a hit. Rourke on tbe other hand should honestly sit out the rest of the season. He is one hit away from losing millions. He got hit several times in his last game.
Now that moron Marino will be head hunting him. The Lions Oline needs to go low on him, first play of the game and take him out

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you are displaying the same mentality as Marino


Stupid question, but if Rourke has (let's say) two spectacular seasons and then gets picked up by the NFL, where would he rank in terms of Canadian QB passing yards?

I seem to remember comms saying Russ Jackson is the only Canadian 10,000yds+ passer, so Rourke could be top 10, if not Top 5 in two years?

No, that's not true and has been cited live on TSN during games already.

He's just that good!


Jerry Datiliio had 9800 or sometgong luke that. Don Getty is third with 6500

I have been pleasantly surprised also. Refreshing to see such poised young that plays with class, doesn't get frazzled. Recognizes the work of his teammates. Also puts in the work. I hope he continues in that direction and gets a record he is certainly earning.


According to Wiki Russ Jackson had 24,593 total career passing yards.

Datilio is second

Don Getty is 3rd

I am really disappointed Rourke is injured. I would have liked seeing a canadian QB beat Flutie's records and win MOP. :frowning_face:


Yep the CFL had the Bomber streak and the Rourke Canadian star rising story going on and now both gone .

Need something good to replace it .

If he stayed healthy for a few more games he most likely would be up for male athlete of the year in Canada as well .

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First of all he's not a rookie. Last year was his rookie season. The number of starts doesn't determine rookie status. This isn't hockey.

Second of all he has played way worse games than the Bomber game. The defense let the Lions down that day. If the Bomber's D was so good, they shouldn't have given up three deep touchdowns.

Yes I am aware that he is not technically a rookie and that this isn’t hockey, in spite of the term I used. I think it is fair to say that for all intents and purposes that he is a rookie.

I have watched every one of his games this year and I am not aware of any game that he performed worse in than the game against the Bombers.

In any event, with his unfortunate injury the discussion is moot and we can take it up again next year, assuming he doesn’t end up in the NFL.