Will Nathan Rourke beat Doug Flutie's single season records?

Like many CFL fans, I am happily watching Nathan Rourke performing at a very high level!
He has 2906 passing yards and 23 TD passes in only 8 games. Could he possibly beat Flutie's single season records of 6619 passing yards and 48 passing TDs?

This will be fun to watch!


I think he's got a decent shot at some of Flutie's records. Early in the season, we wondered how he'd deal with adversity. He's dealt with some adversity very well. Now, I wonder how he'll deal with colder weather on the road.

His emergence has added a fun--and unexpected--storyline to follow this season. I seem to recall one poster predicting that Isaac Harker would be the best QB on the Lions roster this year. I don't think anyone thought Rourke would be this good.


A well measured response. Rourke is the real thing for sure but we’ll see how things go come late season. He got schooled by Zach in their only head to head, but he could certainly do better next time with more experience. Sadly their two remaining games could be meaningless so only a playoff rematch may be able to show how good Rourke really is.

It did appear that Winnipeg and BC playing twice late in the season would not have attracted much attention before the season started. You are correct in that exactly no one predicted the rise of both Rourke and BC. This type of pleasant surprise doesn’t come around too often.


I'd be more than a little amazed if Rourke can keep up this incredible pace, but so far he's amazed me more than a lot. He can't keep this up... can he???


Sadly their two remaining games could be meaningless so only a playoff rematch may be able to show how good Rourke really is.

Looking forward to those final games, if things continue as is, who knows who will be chasing whom?

Bombers late byes may be our saving grace. As we get a bye between the our back to back matchup with BC.


Sure is fun to watch.


Yes we have the advantage there in addition to the extra byes as BC needs to win the two games in hand just to get one game behind us and then will probably have to win both against us and they also play Calgary twice more. Nevertheless, it’s starting to look more and more like those games might be meaningful when that wasn’t the take when the schedule came out.

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Kinda funny, when the CFL schedule was released, my first big concern was Winnipeg may not be engaged in a meaningful game for 3 plus weeks nevermind the bye.

Now I'm hoping not to lose pace, while chasing the WSF as a bye.

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It's always great to watch a young guy do well, but this is pretty special to see a Canadian quarterback light it up like he has. Keep it up kid!


At his current pace pro-rated over 18 games, Rourke will tab approximately:

6,539 yards passing
52 TD passing
125 QBR
16 TD rushing
542 yards rushing

Astounding numbers and especially so considering the overall downtrend in scoring and QB production since the Wild West 90’s.

Rourke could very well top both of Flutie’s all time TD and passing records although I would say he is more likely to break the former record rather than the latter.

He also has a great shot at breaking Ray’s season completion percentage record and QB Ratings record and most TDS rushing for a QB.

This may turn out to be a season for the ages!


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It sure is a joy to watch
The mighty ROURKE!!!!


Shoot, if Ireland had Nathan ROURKE in 1916,
The “Teddy Bear of Eiré” would be 32 counties

He can,
and the laddie,

ROURKE has a big chip on his shoulder to settle…..

The Ohio State didn’t offer him a scholarship.

Wait until that iPad is wired into his head like a trü Texas QB

I'd have to say it's possible. Rourke CAN pass any QB in this league under the table. I've seen him put up amazing numbers but IMHO he needs to be let off the leash. During that stunning comeback against Calgary he was a different quarterback in the final quarter. It could be that once his back was up against the wall his super powers awakened. You know what they say... NEVER bet against the cornered rat.

Put Nathan Rourke into 'emergency mode' from start to finish and I think there's a chance he'll blow the doors off of every defense he faces. Even ours. Then we'll see some passing records fall.


I'm going to say indeed he has a good chance to keep it up.

There are reasons he's drawing NFL interest already.

I suppose I need to study the highlights more closely, but I don't think there is a quarterback in the league with that quick and short of a release for such an accurate ball right now. It's beautiful to watch him throw.

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what teams? What have you heard/read?

I have not heard which teams or read from anybody here, but the buzz has been out there.

that buzz is speculation from cfl fans and media mostly I think. Too soon for any interest from any NFL teams

It truly is a thing of beauty to see him passing, & with over a 80% completion rate, that's insane. I keep wondering when I'm going to wake up. I have a deep rooted paranoia that this just can't last, I don't deserve it.


Waking up and finding a Canadian owning single season CFL passing records is a dream come true .