Will Montreal Ever Host Another Grey Cup ?

I told you it was a crazy idea. The revenue will come from the money made on these events not from the city. Rather from the people who are paying to attend these events and the sponsors who would be on board for any regular Outdoor classic/heritage Classic etc.
Man U, PSG, or any other top club team that will be in North America in which TSN/RDS/ESPN would be able to broadcast.
That Hunt is one smart dude he would find someway to tie in his city and fans. GC and Vanier Cup are seperate. He could bid to host the Vanier Cup the same year that a GC could appear in Montreal. Somehow tie the two together into one big week of celebration from Ottawa to Montreal

You see what is happening with the Vanier Cup the last few years even without being tied to the GC.
Laval hosted and overflowed even when they were not in the game.
Als hosting with Montreal Caribans in they packed the house. Even if it was Laval who won the semi still likely a big crowd coming from QC.
2011 Vanier fans from Hamilton and MAC students and Alum, who would not even consider going to a TiCat CFL game at RC. Made the scoot up to RC on game day.
Hunt is as crazy as me only he has the money with OSEG to make these things happen. He thinks big and goes for it. Buys 67’s in 1998. Cets the Memorial Cup in 1999 in Ottawa and as host team they win it spuring the success and ticket sales.

But again, who benefits from that revenue? Is that money going to help rebuild the city’s infrastructure? Will it create white-collar jobs? Big pro sports talk a lot about money flowing into a city, but the reality is that the city is usually not helped in the long term by big sporting events.

I don’t like the situation with the Als hosting a Grey Cup any less than you do, but I also don’t think it’s even close to being a top issue when it comes to the city of Montreal.

No, there are many reasons not to have the GC on a Sat.

TV ratings and attendance. To many people have to work Sat's.

Remember , the Vanier is on Sat. Can not have both.

Also, the GC is not just a game. It is a week long celebration with Sat being huge .

I was at the GC in Van and Sat was packed solid with parties, events, promos, cheerleaders all over the place. the parade and fans from all over Canada and some from the USA joining together for the fun. That is not going to happen on a Fri.
That would hurt the $$$$$$ for the economy and local business ventures.

As for a potential reschedule , that would never work because of hotel and flight bookings for fans , players , media and even event staff schedules.

As for the Mon hangover. That comes down to some self control. If not, just take the Mon off. Boss will understand.

So, sorry guys. Moving the GC would be a mistake. One the CFL knows better not to make.

Thats a very fair assessment. I would not see it happening anytime soon either as it is still growing and getting better as is.
I am not sure but is the Vanier Cup a week before the GC now. Due to the 9th CFL team and the 20 week schedule now.

I dont disagree with you at all in concerns to the City of Montreal, GC, and Olympic stadium being a non issue. From the private sector standpoint of CFL, Als, MLS Impact, Bell, TSN, RDS, Montreal baseball group. There is much interest.
My Opinion Only it would have to come from a group such as Hunt put together in Ottawa with OSEG. A varing group of partners from business, entrepenuers, Sports franchises. Like OSEG with unofficial ties to Universities.
History was changed in Ottawa due to it. other cities are looking at it. why not Montreal.
OSEG is much different then anything that we have seen before.

The Big O was not designed to be opened. HVAC, lighting , sound , drainage was all designed to be enclosed.

You are 100% right. I remember way back when they stretched a tarp across the hole before it was enclosed. So opening it up for a year to get some events is possible.

How many years did the Big Owe go without a roof when it first opened?

I remember going to Expos games that got rained out and/or had rain delays. I also remember going to a Ti-Cats game there the day after some heavy rains overnight and my seat must have lined up with the lip of the roof because about once every couple of minutes a GIANT drop of water would hit my head. It was kind of funny actually since it was a hot day and it was kind of refreshing. lol

I am sure your Big Owe ( for those not familiar that is OWE $$$$$$ ) question is rhetorical . I will answer anyway .
10 years without a roof. 77 - 86. Roof in place in 87, for the benefit of those who do not know.

BTW, fun fact. it was Als Tony Proudfoot who found the staple gun in 77.

Yes, huge respect for Jeff Hunt. Also his toughness and patients.
The Ott RB return was hard enough. Yet remember it was delayed 3 years because of those FRIENDS OF LANSDOWN clowns that kept blocking it in the courts.
Holy Mackinaw that sorry FOL group pissed me off.

BTW, Steve, in 2014 the VanierCup was played on Sat Nov 29 - GC Sun Nov 30. This 2015 the VC is Sat Nov 28 while the GC is Sun Nov 29.

The fact that he waited it out makes him and OSEG group even better. Shows how committed they are to this.
CFL is the headliner for them but there is so much more to it for them.

Thanks for the Vanier GC dates. I was not sure.

I was at the Grey Cup at the Big Owe in 1985 - BC and Hamilton, that was a cold one too but bearable with no roof.
They will never remove the roof to play games there, not only the expense involved to remove it but also as someone mentioned earlier, itwas designed to have a roof and not able to withstand the elements without one.
I'm sure that sometime in the future they will put a new roof on it but not under the present government. It will be a tough sell under any government to finance a stadium upgrade when so much money has gone into it over the years with no major tennant.
Its more likely that in the future a private/public partnerhip would come up with a plan to bring the MLB back to Montreal, and build a downtown baseball specific stadium.

Problem with baseball though is it's difficult to make money on teams and we know that with the Jays. I don't see it happening in Montreal personally unless there is a company that really sees the value in using an MLB team for branding and marketing that makes sense. Or with Bell who would want it for content as well if necessary.

The NFL I'm sure would love to go into a new stadium somewhere in Canada and all NFL teams make money. That would be a smarter move for Montreal if they want another "big league" team IMHO. Again though, don't think that will happen. "Build it and they will come" doesn't always work out of course.

-Above are all great assessments on what will have a roof at some point placed on Olympic.

  • It has been among my own personal opinion it will take a private sector group like a Bell to see it a profitable investment. That would place a multiple of different sporting events which would be of popular and profitable events.
    What that combo would be and what sporting events that will be involved is any ones guess IMHO.

-Grey Cups are big big big events once again. Jays ending of Spring training and some soccer events as well have seen success.

  • Private sector are now sinking millions into such projects that they see as investments with solid to big payoffs.

  • Getty backed project 127 million Fort Mac, MLSE 100 million BMO, OSEG unknown millions in huge project.

How can you not make money in MLB when a team like the Jays play 160 games a year with an average attendance approaching 30,000, they own their own stadium so no rent, huge profit on beer and concessions, tons of sponsors and in-stadium advertising and a big TV contract?
The Jays are rich, Rogers would ditch them in a second if they weren't a cash cow

Your right. That would be how it would be successful if it were to be able to be done.
Rays are unhappy in Tampa but have an iron clad lease from what I have read.
In a reverse of fate could the Rays be able to angle their way to play a series or more in Montreal. With ESPN/TSN providing the broadcast team and network coverage. Yankees Red Sox would be a huge draw if said teams would agree to be part of it.
A lot of Ifs of course but not as big a stretch of the Expos playing games in Puerto Rico.

Rays wearing throwback Expos Uniforms would be a nice touch

Exactly; a key part of most MLB franchise sales these days are the media rights.

As for the Jays, they can probably make money or lose money depending on how accountants allocate money across the Rogers properties involved.

The Montreal Canadiens are looking at the possibility of an NBA franchise. Another tennant for the Bell Centre?

[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/2015/05/16/canadiens-interested-in-nba-team-for-montreal]http://www.ottawasun.com/2015/05/16/can ... r-montreal[/url]

An accountant's fingers on a keyboard.

Rogers owns the stadium, the team and the TV outlet; I expect that all are separate legal entities and money can be shuffled across those companies to suit their needs.