Will Montreal Ever Host Another Grey Cup ?

I do not follow MLS, but I am aware that they had a game ( sorry - match ) in a jam packed OLY stadium between Montreal and some team from Mexico.

News articles exploded with reports that the roof has been deemed unsafe.
Please , understand that this is not an Olympic Stadium thread. This is a Montreal hosting future Grey Cups thread.

If the roof is unsafe, no way will the CFL want the GC played there.
It is established that fixing is to costly. There is the option of removing the roof , but that would just downgrade the stadium.

Molson Stadium is to small , but the big problem is they are unable to add temp seats as they are in Hamilton , Ottawa and other stadiums.

It is unlikely they would build a 3rd stadium in Montreal.

Here is my 2 part question:

Will Montreal ever host another Grey Cup in the near future ?

If so, what will need to take place ?

The CFL wants full rotation, but Montreal will be tough .

The Big O is worth keeping up, imo. GC is as good of an excuse as any...


better question, will montreal ever host another Stanley cup?

They are trying to figure out how to fix it. The latest Quebec budget has something like $220 million for renovations to Olympic Park including stadium upgrades - but that does not even include the cost of a new roof. Previously estimates for that alone were in the $300 million dollar range. One thing being looked at is for a while going with no roof again.

[url=http://www.cjad.com/cjad-news/2015/04/23/olympic-stadium-may-go-topless]http://www.cjad.com/cjad-news/2015/04/2 ... go-topless[/url]
All options are on the table for the government of Premier Philippe Couillard as it considers the cost of replacing the roof of the Olympic Stadium.

That includes, for the first time, the possibility of not putting a roof on the stadium and leaving it open to the elements.

The current roof needs replacing and a committee is looking at the types of roofs available and the cost.

Municipal Affairs Minister Pierre Moreau says not replacing the roof comes with it's own set of challenges, including the cost of weatherproofing the interior if the stadium is left open.

In the provincial budget last month $220 million was set aside for renovations of the Olympic Park, but the cost of replacing the roof was not included.

The existing roof is really on its last legs with currently some 6,289 holes or rips in the roof that need repair. [url=http://www.cjad.com/cjad-news/2015/05/14/olympic-stadium-roof-full-of-holes]http://www.cjad.com/cjad-news/2015/05/1 ... l-of-holes[/url]
There are now 6289 reasons to replace the roof on Olympic Stadium.

That is the number of tears, rips and holes in the roof and the number is contained in the Olympic Park annual report, which concludes that it is now time to have the roof replaced.

The OIB is currently studying possible scenarios.

A spokesman says once the government makes a decision it will be five years before the roof can be replaced.

The other significant number from the report is $1.4 million.

That is the annual maintenance cost of the stadium which is double what it was in 2013.

The provincial budget last month contained a provision for $220 million dollars in repairs and upgrades for the stadium, but the money does not include the cost of the new roof.

With them saying it will be at least five years - I think that means no Grey Cup in Montreal for at least that long.

With respect, are you from Montreal? Because virtually no taxpayer I've ever met in Montreal (where I'm from) thinks it's worth keeping up. It has been a financial disaster for the city since its inception and now both too expensive to maintain and too expensive to demolish.

Demolishing would require the removal of that subway line underneath the stadium also.

If it will cost in the neighborhood of $500+ million to refurb Olympic Stadium (not including $1.5 mil year maintenance fees) and a near similar amount to demolish/dispose the structure, it may be wise to just abandon the facility altogether and build a brand spanking new modern venue elsewhere for $200 mil or so.

The City could sell the land to private interests/developers who will then determine a more economical course of action without perpetually delving into taxpayer pockets for this money pit.

I wonder which one will come down first, the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto or the Big O in Montreal? :wink: But maybe neither.

Vermont is Baja Montreal... 8)

Placing a new roof on Olympic would be the only way for Montreal to host a GC anytime in the near future.
Cost I dont know. A while back a report, no clue if it is reliable, that a hard shell roof would cost 50 million.
One GC alone would not justify that cost as far as I can tell from what i have read.
It seems as though they do plan events for fringe month like April where it could or could not accumulate the minimum amount of snow which deems it unsafe. Impact matches have been scheduled there at the time of the year and have been postponed for a day or so following weather reports.
Cant Postpone a GC
My OPINION is that it would take a group effort from the private community that would see good need to find the funding for the new roof.
My OPINION is the CFL and those invested in the league would like to break the attendance record for a GC. As far as I know Olympic is the only veneue capable of holding that many people.
Olympic holds the record at 68K plus and in 2008 attempts fell just short at 66K plus.

With the estimated revenue being pumped in host cities economy now being at over 100 million. It may have to make sense that an amount of money being pumped into the Montreal economy makes it worth it.
With Montreal and Olympic being one of the three main venues to host matches during and past pool play up to a semi final for WWC. It may be a good test to see if such a big event expecting a mass of visitors to the city as well as an international spotlight. It may help to gauge whether hosting GCs and such other events being possible to bring big dollars from outside the city and Province makes it worth it.
This is of my own personal opinion as it regards to getting a roof that would allow Montreal to host a GC.

Maybe the league could finance it with Khalif Mitchell fines. :wink:

Hmm not a bad idea. doesn't fine money usually go to a good cause. What better cause would be to place a new roof on Olympic and bring a GC game to the city of Montreal and the province of Quebec. Maybe find a sponsor to match the dollars. Tie in to inviting some grass roots youth football programs in the city and province to the Game as their guest. I know everyone will love this crazy idea. :slight_smile:

If they can host international soccer games and MLB games then they can host a Grey Cup. But they would have to schedule a Grey Cup game in October. They can't hold events when there is a risk of snow, so it's out of bounds from 1 November to mid April. If the CFL decides to start the season earlier and play Grey Cups in October then yes Montreal will host another.

What if you made an exception to Montreal Grey Cups and hosted it on a different day to allow for latiude regarding weather? I personally love that Aussie football plays its Grand Final on a Sat. What if you said the Montreal Grey Cup was on Saturday with potential re-scheduled game for Sun?

I don't think it's unreasonable for them to host a Grey Cup without a roof. I mean, every other franchises does it save Toronto and BC.

I think it's more a case that Olympic Stadium is an old venue. It's like why the CFL never let Hamilton host for ages with the state of Ivor Wynne.

hey that is a good possibiity and idea. Even regardless of being in Montreal. Having a GC on a SAT. I know people talk about that and a super bowl not being on a sunday but rather a SAT at some time so that their is no mass call out of works and hungover and/or tired people on monday. LOL

In light of talking about taking the roof off. I will put this crazy idea out there. There will be many here to say i am nuts but I dont care.
Have a series of high profile sporting events.
During the summer when top Euro clubs invade North America a match or two with these clubs. Hunt an OSEG is not afraid to do such events so having additional matches that would include Fury and Impact surrounding the high profile events.
Have the Habs do what the Rangers did with having an outdoor Classic vs say the Bruins or Rangers. Also add heritage cup, does not have to be HC, vs the Sens. With the secondary games they add in AHL Montreal team vs someone, 67s and/or a QMJHL matchup.
Have the GC that same year with no roof.
Should generate tons of revenue and sponsors that could has $$$ earmarked to the new roof.

Yes I am crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

I love Jeff Hunt. He is one crazy and daring dude. Not afraid to put his money where his mouth is.
Two straight seasons with no home stadium for pre season games.
He could have taken the easy way out like BC and played their pre season game vs Montreal at Perival Molson.
Instead he packs everyone up for a trip to Regina
Followed by this year a game in QC for the first time over a decade.
He is one innovative, smart, and committed dude. He will be hosting his own GC likely in 2017. Having his city and fans able to travel close to Montreal for a GC as well would be nothing but a great thing for the fans, CFL, and REDBLACKS.

Steve, tons of revenue for who? The city is almost literally in ruins (infrastructure issues) and there's no money in the province. How are you going to sell taxpayers on pouring money into sports when there are so many pressing issues that need solving in the city and the province?