will mike o'shea be next head coach and gm of argos ?

i certailny hope so !

toronto should grab oshea and make him head coach and gm for 2020
his bombers contract is up this yr

What makes you think he would be a good GM?

Being a good coach does not necessarily mean he will be a good GM.

I wonder if Ottawa should consider replacing its head coach and/or GM after a disappointing 2019 campaign?

more $ to be both
more enticing w/ more power
i dont he’d move for just hc
plus popp is done like yesterday’s dinner

No. I don’t think the Winnipeg Blue Bombers will let Michael O’Shea get away.


let me dream … lol
i keep hearing how 'peggers are unhappy w/ oshea

Agree he is unlikely to move to TO as just HC, unless Popp is gone and O’Shea is tight with the new GM … but $ and power are reasons he might be tempted to take on HC&GM but have nothing to do with whether he would be good as a GM … further, it would (IMO) be a bad move by the Argos because dual GM/HC is a very difficult juggling act, especially for a rookie GM … they need a quality, full-time GM to rebuild.

For the record, rebuilding is optional for the Argos. They can scrape by on 4 or 5 wins per season, then decide to put forth a mild effort to win 9 games and in that year they will win the Grey Cup. After which they can go back to sucking again.

(See: 2012, 2017)

Some fans here are never happy, and daily pass the blame around.

MOS has brought a stable & team focused atmosphere around here, and that has turned into a Cup contending team filled with quality depth at all positions.

While he for sure rubbed me wrong his first few years, I will be disappointed if we don’t lock him up as coach for awhile longer.

There is an Operations Cap now and they are still paying a ton to Marc Trestman so they really can’t add Chamblin’s salary and then hire O’Shea on top of that. :o

Very true … but I will not be shocked if it is “tweaked” for 2020 … reality hits conceptual … would not be surprised (but not predicting) that it becomes more like the player salary cap and impose limits per season … perhaps with particle penalties for fired staff members.

argos only pay trestman for 2019
2020 they are rid of that albatross and since popp signed trestman he is a natural to be non re-signed end of 2019
plus his 2018 + 2019 records will be a losing one
coach cc looks terrible as head coach / dc
chappy is bad
and that st coach needs to go back to tow truck driving probably to tow cars from rush hour spots

Marc Trestman signed with the XFL as a Coach/GM that pays him more (due to conversion) than his scheduled 2019 CFL salary. Although they fired him, the Argos also would have been required to release him as he was still their property. Depending on when Trestman was scheduled to be paid and what the terms were that allowed him to sign elsewhere, Toronto could have actually not paid Trestman anything for 2019.

We can safely assume that Trestman’s full 2019 salary did not count against the Argos Operations Cap.Toronto paid him only a nominal amount at best. But since we are talking theCFL and Jim Popp is the GM, I suspect the true amount was zero.

If Winnipeg was going to let go of O’Shea it would have been in the last 2 years not in the season he is sitting atop the west standing despite losing his #1 QB.

The whole idea is ridiculous, but a little less so when you consider the source.

For the Argos Popp and Chamblin have to go, but who is available to fill these “coveted” positions is still up in the air. For certain O’Shea is not one of those in the running. Would love to see it but it just ain’t happening.

What exactly has O’shea won in Winnipeg that the Argos would want to throw big bucks for?

He’s recieved every advantage and yet fails to deliver year after year; if he ever became the HC of my team, I would seriously consider giving up my season tickets.

oshea is a former argo player and a former argo coach and has won gc as both
plus he is cdn, played at u of guelph
i think he would be a perfect fit for argos as hc and gm to lure him away from winnipeg - u can go home again

For whatever reason those fans have chosen to forget how bad things were in Winnipeg in the decade before O’Shea was hired.


and i hope winipeggers keep on forgetting at least until oshea is once again part of toronto argos

Thankfully for the BB the fans don’t run the team

but dont forget the ace in the hole for argos
oshea was once a player and was a coach and won gc w/ both
plus he played at u of g and was born in ont
argos just need to go hat in hand to recruit him