Will McPherson ever play ???

I feel like I am repeating myself because I brought this up last year and the year before. Here we are we 3 wins where we blew up the opponent and most of what we have seen (if not all) from Mcpherson so far are some QB sneaks . Still, the guy was able to show his athletic abilities by executing them perfectly and gaining extra yardage on some occasions. But let's face it, this is not Ted White and he should get a chance to prove himself on the field for the good of the team. I don't mean to complain cause we have a great team (probably CFL best) and a great coaching staff but as I see it: by the time we get to the end of the season, some of the oppenents will have figured out our offense and we won't have any alternative to present to them, so we could, again, come short when it really counts.

Having a QB who can run the ball is the edge the Stamps had over us at the GC. We could have that with Mcpherson.

Macpherson will get his time to shine. If the offense was firing on all cylinders, I'd be clamoring for A-Mac, but Calvillo & co are still struggling to produce in the red zone. Once we get those issues sorted out, then we can start think about rotating Macpherson in.

Oh I was wondering the same thing in the 4th quarter............there was a play where we were deep in our end, Cobourne took the handoff and fumbled.....AC fell on it, and 2 riders were on AC.........no they weren't rough, they eased up on him.....but remember 2 seasons ago? That's precisely the kind of play on which Kevin Glenn broke his arm......getting hit while trying to recover a Charles Roberts fumble. It made me worried..........once we're up McPherson should be sent it..........no sense risking injury to our star when the game is wrapped up.

What I think it comes down to. Is this. How do you keep a 37 year old vet motivated and focus if you pull him and sit him half the games ? Will he stay sharp? Buono talked about it this week. As long as Calvillo is having fun and chasing records and being the man he'll keep producing.

It's clear that Adrian is the next guy... So the day Calvillo steps aside or is injured, he'll have learned from watching one of the best in the history of the league.

That actually does make a lot of sense, I guess I wasn't thinking at the human aspect. Hope they manage to keep Adrian motivated as well.

There is that for sure but what is also a concern is the risk that when his contract comes up you have a team like Toronto, Regina, Winnipeg, BC who want him as their starter, turn around and offer him 250k plus incentives and the first year up front for example. In this age of SMS even if you want to pay him primo dollars to keep him you can't. This may be where the Als find themselves at some point with Adrian.

Personaly i would have AC take a game off in September when the season starts to drag on. But even that is a risk.

I feel that the Als should have given McPherson a shot in the fourth quater of the blow out games. It is too risking to keep AC in the game when he is not needed to put anymore points on the board as the team shifts into clock management mode. I fear what may happen if AC gets injured sometime in the season and McPherson is rusty from spending the season on the sidelines. Sure he is learning by watching one of the leagues best but he still needs to put that info to use in game situations. As I see it now if AC goes down this year the Als Grey Cup shot slips away. With a 20+ point lead heading into the fourth give McPherson a shot.

I have a great idea! We need to give McPherson playing time. We need to score touchdowns, not field goals. So I would suggest that for a few games we give the QB job to McPherson every time the Als are in the red zone.

No offense, but that's an awful idea. If you starter can't convert in the red zone, he shouldn't be your starter. And blaming Calvillo for our offensive struggles isn't fair. Sure, he makes mistakes, but the schemes aren't putting him a position to succeed in the red zone.

Actually my above post was a joke. However, I believe that McPherson should get some playing time especially if the Als wrap up first place early. For the good of the team, I would place McPherson's need for playing time ahead of Calvillo's attempt at obtaining passing records. REmember what happened the year Calvillo was injured - we do need someone should this occur again.

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The big question I have is how will Popp convince Adrian to continue to do the short yardage thing (at high risk of injury and possible regression) instead of signing with a team that will promise him the starter's job.

It is likely that the Als will be in a situation where they have to decide do we continue to ride AC year to year or is it time to pass on the torch to a younger more athletic guy ?

IMO Trestman will not chance his last year of his contract on a rookie. He said he will ride Calvillo "as long as he dosen't prove that he can no longer do the job".

Now if the team fizzles out again, the hand that signs the cheque may call the shot...

Does any one know who is this McPherson guy? From the material the Als have put through this website I have no knowledge of his life as a football player. What was his record in the NCAA? Was he drafted by the NFL and, on what round? What are his NCAA statistics? Can he run with the ball. Was he on a winning team in the NCAA. What did he accomplish in the NFL. How did McPherson play in the exhibition games this year? It would be helpful for fans like myself who don't live in Montreal to find out some of this material. Frankly, should Calvillo become injured, I would think that Brady could be the man for the job. I thought Brady performed well in his QB role when he had the opportunity to play. McPherson, to me is a huge mystery. I would very much apprecriate some information some info from the many experts who have more info than I do. In addition what gives with Leak. I gather he is next in line.
When I was a teenager back in the late 50's and 60's I used to go regularly to the Westmount Athletic Grounds to acquire, for myself, the info I am seeking. It was great back then. The practices were in the early evening to accommodate those players who worked in Montreal. Every saturday the team would divide in two for an afternoon of scrimmages. The stands were always packed for the saturday session. I am thanking those of you, in advance, who will provide the information I am seeking!

He was drafted 152ND over all, 5Th round by the New Orleans Saints.
He played for Florida state where he was 98 for 197 1200 yards 14 TDs and 1 Int

He is currently suing the NFL and the Tennessee Titans for a reported 20 million over injuries he received due to being run over by the Titans mascot who was driving a golf cart or ATV( I heard both)

According to CTV web info McPherson is averaging 4.6 yards per carry mainly for his first down attempts. Is this correct or, just sensational?

Sounds about right.

One game against Edmonton, 3rd and inches.....He went for about 18 yards. Rolled off his blockers and kept on going.
I can remember at least a couple more where he went for about 4 or 5 yards on the same play


The Als site says he has 15 carries for 69 yards....

ro1313 is correct. The 4.6 yards average is misleading as he had a huge gain in the game against Edmonton at Molson Stadium. Wonderfully, he consistently makes more than the requisite yardage on the 3rd down conversion and has yet to miss one so I think we are safe in that regard. The other point referring to getting playing time late in the game comes down to the philosophy of the coach. Most coaches will go the duration with their starter (look at NFL). When Calvillo just joined the team he was in a similar situation and rarely got any reps (in fact McPherson because of his running ability is getting more playing time than any 2nd string QB since this last resurgence of the Als). He will get his chance and his time will come. He apparently has accepted this and is willing to sacrifice the now for the future. The more he learns the better off he will be to lead. Note that in the last game against Edmonton he was not that effective coming in late in the game when the Edmonton defense was playing off. Right now he is very one-dimensional ie: great running ability but needs to work on his passing game. It will come, and when it does, get ready for a show on the hill that will probably surpass anything we have seen to date.

What do we know of his passing game ? I've never seen him throw a ball once.

He has a cannon of an arm, no issue there at all, the problem is more can he read a D and not allways run, he runs great but i have not seen his skill at reading a D in the passing game, one series this year that he ran was really impressive in pre season.

When I watched the Edmonton game, my concern was that he didn't have a lot of versatility in his passing. The good ones can throw bullets, but also can put some air under them to lead the receivers. I didn't see that from MacPherson. But, in all fairness, he was only in for a short time and the Esks were in deep coverage; so he likely didn't have much a chance to throw a lot of different passes.
I do feel, however, that he should get a start, sooner than later.