Will MB make it through the season?

I know it was preseason but the Cats didn't look so good, IMO.

How much is MBs fault? How much is Obie fault?

How long will the MB experience last?

If the Cats have another junk season, will MB be here next year or will Obie get him different players to mould?

I am still out on whether MB is a good coach. I support him to no end but if he's not the right guy, then we have to get rid of him.

I am already frustrated, if you can't tell, at how this season could shape up after such a good buildup in the offseason and training camp.

There is no need for this, Hamilton fans have no patience and it kills the team year after year.

Your poll could really use an option that is something beyond 2010.

Just sayin’

Until then, I am refraining from voting.

  • paul

There's no option to indicate that he WON'T be fired! :roll: :roll: :roll:

True dat, what if he becomes one of the more successful coaches in the CFL? He could be looking at a raise or a promotion to GM then. Trust me, if he brings the Ticats out of this rut, he will have earned his stipes :wink:

Personally,I hope we're done with coach flipping. If MB needs time to develop give it to him. I can't see how a coach can stay focused on what the team needs when he has to constantly be looking over his shoulder.

Preseason games are EXHIBITION games, hence the ability to try out players to meet one's depth requirements on the roster. The key is to maximize the evaluation process...winning is not the sole concern. I am not interested at all in the Cats being June warriors and November Laz-E-Boy fodder!

The test will be whether the team has found guys through camp and the preseason who can make an impact in the meaningful games. I think Haley and Hickman are two guys to watch on D and Cobb showed signs of being a dynamic player if given an opportunity at HB.

As for Bellefeuille lasting the season, I take that as a given. The only thing worse about a 3-15 franchise is a 3-15 franchise that has a fashionable beheading for its head coach before he even makes it through a full season. Careful with that axe, Eugene! LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

correct you are oksi oui oui, and what people must also not forget is we are trying not to give away our play book so we were only using basic plays. Our unique plays will come on Canada day and we will be fighting for victory not just for evaluation film.

Best thread ever, I just won a 50.00 pool by betting someone would start a thread on firing either OB, Scott Mitchell or Marcel before opening day and I had the last pick....seems no one actually believed it would happen before a game had even been played.

I knew the good fans of ticats.ca wouldn't let me down, somehow most of the regular posters here (definately not all) have become some of the most discouraging, depressing and whipped fans in the CFL.
Thankfully the vast majority of fans, like 20,000 or so, don't post here, don't read this slop and manage to retain some form of optimism and hope.
We havn't even played one regular season game and the "we suck" threads are well underway, how to support the players folks, it really must fill them with joy to see you've given up already.

Please don't tell me "if you don't like them don't read them" becuase I do like them, in fact I love them, they're hilarious, other fans send links back and forth to some of the more depressing ones and get a great hoot out of them.

8) If they end up firing MB, then Obie should also be fired since he hired MB and also brought Charlie back as coach when he could have hired someone else !!!!!

Totally inappropriate thread. Waste of time.


Silly thread at this point. I propose the author be fired.

way to think positive tiger_dirt! :roll:

Absolutely the most MORONIC poll/thread of all time. I'm not allowed to call you an idiot on this board, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about what I REALLY think about you...

Post of the year nominee.

What a pessimistic way to start the season. :cry: I refuse to particiapte in the survey.

An Argo-Cat fan

Penalties, Penalties, Penalties... I hope this is fixed soon... Or MB doesn't have control of this team...

I to am refraining from voting, this is the most nosensical and negative post I've seen in a long time.
Your the same type of guy that ran Greg Marshall out of town far to long before his time.

You could at least wait until the season starts to bail :thdn:

If the team plays bad enough for Marcel to be fired...it won't matter.

You wouldn't be able to pay people to go.

BUT... I anticipate a fairly decent 10 win season this year. I think Marcel will be here for some time...a few years most likely.

I too knew this thread was coming. No surprises on these boards anymore.