Will Manziel be given packages next week?????????

They may still start Masoli but should they give Manziel some packages next week??

I seriously doubt they brought Manziel in to be a backup on a team with a losing record.

Masoli might get one more game to right the ship.

offense isn’t punching it in. Something needs to change. Either taking more chances in play calling or bring in the Manziel.

It’s inevitable, depending on Manziels progress, bring him in next week at minimum 2/3 packages in the first half.

Johnny will never see the field this season.

June Jones' love affair with Masoli is obviously so deep that he can't see the forest through the trees.

If JF wasn't put in that game tonight...it's never happening.

I just want to see what he can do. I don't really care about who is better or what, I just want to find out if the "young star" that he was has any moxie left.

Disagree, Masoli deserved a chance to finish the game. Now Jones is in the business of winning games and will put the best QB in his mind under centre. Masoli starts, Manziel will get some series.

I think they were afraid to put Manziel in. If he lead a comeback win, there is an instant QB controversy.

I thought Johnny should have gone in around 9 minutes left in the 4th. If he won the game, great. Next game you still start Masoli. All QBs have off nights.

In fairness we have no idea how Johnny has looked in practice or if JJ even thinks he's ready to go.

I still think Masoli is inconsistent and doesn't seem to have it under adversity... But at this point he's probably still our best play.

Bring Manziel in now. He was brought here to play not stand on the sidelines and watch.

Too much respect is being given to Masoli. For what? he hasn't done anything to earn that in the CFL.

First six game avg. score 23-24 (O&D)...'nuff said :-[

no..... they were afraid to put in the back up because IT WAS ONLY AN ELEVEN POINT GAME.

That's two scores...

In the CFL....

That's a winnable game.

You leave your starter in*.

*and ideally.... you tell him not to throw a lazy INT on the first play from scrimmage....

Pretty sure that's what most CFL coaches would do in that situation.

Agreed. However, we also need a QB that can win games in the last few minutes of a close game. It appears Masoli is not that guy, he is 0-3 in tight games this year throwing interceptions in each one. Maybe that is the start of a new CFL record (tongue in cheek).

In his post game interview, Jones mentioned all the open Ti-Cat receivers during the game. That's sort of throwing your QB under the bus... maybe a mini-bus, but it makes a statement about the passing game and perhaps begins to pave the way for a Manziel appearance.

He also mentioned he had to do a better job.

I believe he was out coached again. I also believe that it’s starting to show that we have 3 NFL coaches who lack the CFL experience needed to be truly successful. I wonder how Orlando is being used with his CFL experience. I think opposing coaches have figured out how to defend our “run & shoot?.

I don’t blame Masoli for all the woes of this game. There were not a lot of open receivers that he missed and when they were open Masai was running for his life and had no time to find them.

This was not the best our oline has played and mistakes were made by the same player several times.

Ottawa will be a challenge.

We pay good money to watch so I expect the best team to be on the field. I don’t care if Jones thinks he has to be committed to Masoli, if your quarterback is struggling then put in your backup. Friendship’s don’t matter at this level, wining games is all that matters. I was pretty upset listening to all the, I feel sorry for Masoli crap, after the game. We left Collaros in tok long last year and it’s going to be the same thing all over again.

I don't think itz JJ's love for Masoli so much as his fear of putting in Manziel and then losing that game badly and then possibly screwing up Masoli's head. He'd rather just play it safe and only put Manziel in if Masoli gets hurt or if game is out of reach in either direction. JJ is NOT going to put his head in a noose!

For sure. JJ won't chance disruption at QB position by bringing in JF.

As someone said many months ago ( that someone could have even been me!), Masoli is a great guy and decent (mediocre) QB but he is " NOT the GUY". Proof is in the pudding. Was hoping JM would have come through for us last night, too bad it didn't happen.

As someone who has been pro-Jeremiah, anti-Johnny all the way I really felt like it was a perfect time for a Johnny-sighting late in the 4th. The momentum was gone, the stadium and team was completely deflated, Jeremiah clearly was not on his game. A spark was needed, perhaps JF could have provided it. It certainly would have halted the exodus of fans and brought some energy back into the game.

Going by the post game interview with June Jones I think the only packages Johnny will see next week will be if UPS and FedEx have deliveries for him.