Will Lumsden Rush For 1000??

What do you think , I personally think that if he plays a full CFL season as the starting back that he could very possibly be one of the top rushers this season. My guess for the season is 1398 yds. Whats yours?



1$ bob- Actually it depends on HOw good the line is at opening lanes , and what Defences do to counter it, Best case d,s are more concerned with stopping a passing game, and the oline is well co,d he could break Pringels mark,2101 yds ? worst case he,d still get 1001 yds, imo

he gets over 1000 easily, assuming no injuries.

I dont think 1000 yards is the benchmark it once was. In order to convince anyone he is an elite back he'll have to rush for 1400+.

one question that might affect if he gets 1000 yards or not:

who gets the most touches?...Lumsden or Holmes

Lumsden is our #1 back I think he will get way more touches and I think holmes will be used a little more in the passing game this year, I think that in order for lumsden to run wild this year Radelin and the line has to step up cause Radelin last year was shit as well as the line, actually now that I am on a bit of a rant I would love to see a new FB who is not scared to level some people other than just brush block them. Ok thats it.

Therein lies the answer - CAN he go a season without injury??

I don't know about this #1 back stuff. I think Lumsden will be a good back in the CFL though. Given a full season he'd probably reach 1000. But, if Holmes is grossly misused like he was last year it will be a shame. He's a proven juggernaut. To crown Lumsden as the "#1 back" before training camp even starts is a bit optimistic. Personally, I'm liking Holmes as the starting HB although, it's foreseeable that Lumsden may end up there due to his nationality and his ability combined. In that case Holmes better be a STARTING slotback because to have this guy on the bench would be inexcusable. Both of them in the back field could be interesting, as long as the roles are well defined. I'm not a fan of this sharing time and "one-two" punch business like the Ranek, Holmes, Davis fiasco of last year. Pick a guy and go with it. As to another poster speculating that Lumsden might break Pringle's mark of 2000+; well, I must respecfully LMAO. :lol:

Lumsden by a hair carry-wise, Holmes overall by being utilized as well as a slotback a la Thomas Haskins in Montreal when Charlie coached there. I fully expect Holmes to be on the field quite a bit with Jesse, with a much larger package of passing plays using both.

Oski Wee Wee,

He will be a good special teams player and will see spot duty at tailback. Holmes wasnt re-signed as a decoration. Its an american postition, and will stay that way. Even if holmes gets hurt they will find an american replacement in due time. Lumsden cant handle the linebackers one on one and isnt fast enough to deke around them. There just isnt enough touches to warrant an unproven canadian at that important of a spot, so you wont see it. He is the second coming of aidoo, thats the sad truth. 1000 yards is pretty much out of the question.

no i don't think so.
two reasons:

  1. he'll be out of the lineup by game seven with injuries.
  2. he signed for two years plus an option, i believe. 2006 was year one, 2007 will be year two (and he'll already be looking southward, again) and 2007 is the option ... and he'll be open for offers.
    i think he'll play just enough to get some good videotape to pass around the nfl, and then it's bye-bye jesse. he has yet to be proven to be durable; his last-gasp weeks at mcmaster he took himself out of the lineup when a lot of people thought that perhaps he should have sucked it up and gutted it out ... and he was hurt in both nfl camps, and tweaked here too.
    that's a mighty big question mark — his being a gamer, and also whether he really wants to be here.

Apart from staying healthy, the entire offence needs to be better for Lumsden or any back for that matter, to get 1,000 yards. Start with the O-line to open holes, a QB who can throw long and keep the D honest and receivers who can catch the ball. The Cats lacked all three last year.

It isn't only up to the back to get 1,000 yards.

An Argo fan

^^good lets make sure we have all our excuses in order so he cant fail. if he gets over a 1000 he is all world and if he doesnt the oline failed him and its not his fault. my prediction is he rushes for 700 and adds on about 2 to 300 rec. if he can stay healthy. thats a big IF. he hasnt proved that he can make it through a season at any level. he def has the ability and we know he will get the opportunities. it will be fun to watch.

JR is a good Fullback. The whole offense struggled last year, including Julian. Ask Troy Davis if he thinks JR is a good FB and i'm sure your opinion will change. It's too bad you don't appreciate JR, because he is is a good FB, and I have seen him destroy DB's and LB's.

I would agree with this statement. 1000 yds was a benchmark when the schedule was 14 games.
I would think if Jesse can play in at least 14 games this season he would have a good shot at 1000 yds. Not too many RB's are playing the full schedule anymore because of the pounding they take.

regardless of birth place, the ticats have one of the best backfields in football, only the o . c to blame if both dont get 1000,yds imho

haha, you want 2 RBs with 1000 yards? That's just silly. This is the CFL not the NFL. I would say it's reasonable to expect 1000 combined passing/rushing yards for both RBs, especially since I think Corey Holmes will be playing a lot of SB this year... but 1000 rushing yards per back? Maybe you meant combined yardage? Otherwise, keep dreaming.

re pseudo- setting the bar a little lower? dont forget ticats also have 2 wideouts with 4.3 speed, i do expect the o. c to produce !