Will Lumsden be juiced up and ready to go agaisnt Winnipeg?

What is the status of Jesse Lumsden? Casey Printers?

Out and out.

That was easy!

  • paul

Are you serious? I guess I better go make some changes to my fantasy team...

  • paul

....and 'in' for the Bombers is their much missed centre Picard....this guy makes a difference ...especially on runs by Blink....should get the BigBlue moving in the right direction :wink:

miles,printers,lumsden still out.....Jykine Bradley back in


Now I have to pick from Dinwiddie, Bishop, and McPh... the guy from Montreal. :lol:

Losing Printers isnt a big deal. The guys
not very popular.

All backups!

good to see you still here Spidey... After that Dinwiddie pillow bitting rant I thought you'd be gone for sure...I'm sure you have to tow the line now...however don't let that effect your creativity... just hold the profanity I guess.

Richie Williams has played better than Printers, and would have deserved the start even if Printers were healthy.

Terry Caulley last week put up numbers that Lumsden would be proud of. 14-127…that’s a 9-yard average!

The worst thing is that Caulley instead of Lumsden means they have to shuffle the roster for ratio reasons, so Tre Smith is staying home.

Another game. Another game with no Jesse Lumsden.
This guy can deny it all he wants, but he is injury prone. Unless he can avoid injuries, he'll end up another Eric Lindros.