Will kenton keith be coming back?

He dropped alot of balls ,I can't see the colts keeping him.

His stats were good enough that I very much doubt he will return to the CFL atleast in the near future. Even if the colts did release/not sign him he has proven himself enough that others will pick him up fast at his price

I think he will exaust all his NFL options first.

Dropped a lot of balls? Am I missing something? According to ESPN, he had one fumble.

maybe he means recieving as well?

Kenton Kieth did great for the amount of caries he had. He is going nowhere soon.

The only critical comment was on wiki - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenton_Keith

But if you look at his stats http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/players/p ... atsId=8513

You would quicky see that with his limited play time he did very well stats wise. I could see him jumping ship to get a shot at starting on another NFL team though.

He wont be back. I heard he may be cut tho from a couple ppl in Indy I know...

If he was smart and wants to play the game he is suppose to love then come back the the CFL, but he will probably bounce around the NFL and not get much game time and waste his caree something Burris almost did.

I think Indy would be wise to keep him. Two good backs is better than one.

With Joseph Addai all Keith was ever going to be was a fill in back. He would have had to have been the second comming of Christ to unseat Addai. I think KK was better then they thought and as such wouldn’t fit the bill as a content back up. The real test for KK will come next season as I am sure he will move to a team where he has a legitimate shot at being the go to guy. With his stats this year he will be too expensive for the colts to keep ( kinda of ironic that KK could become a cap victim given the discussions around the riders and the cap ). Simply put he was suppose to be good for a few hundred yards a season and a cheap content back up. KK turned out to be as good as 1/2 the starters and if he continues won’t be cheap to keep.

The only stat you need to see was him tipping that perfect pass up into the air at the goalline during the playoff game...sealing the Colts demise.

They won't tolerate that from a fringe player and will probably make an example out of him.

I find it doubtful any other NFL would be interested in him. Why would they?

He probably won't get a starting position back in the CFL either. No way he beats out Cates in Sask. Keith could be used as an injury replacement somewhere, like a Troy Davis. But his career is just about done.

No its not. He could get a job in the NFL somewhere.

If he does come back to the CFL I dont think it will be with the Riders, too many cap issues, and with FA looming, I would expect that one of them will be leaving. Hunt would like to play with his brother, so IMO, he is the most likely one to leave. Dominguez is injury prone, it seems we have a lot of talent at receiver, so he could be allowed to leave as well. Davis is the one guy I would try to re-sign out of the three.

if kieth comes back and its not with the riders.... edmonton montreal and toronto would be more then interested... toronto and edmonton would probably be the front runners as montreal seems to really like payton

Wow. you really have a hate on for Kieth. While he should have caught the ball, the pass was far from being perfect.

You ask why other teams would be interested. How about he is a back that can gain 100 yds or more in a game. He is a back that can make catches out of the backfield. And he is cheap.

And to say Kenton wouldn't get a job back here in the cfl is laughable. Any GM with a sniff of sense would grab him.

If Keith signed with the Riders im pretty sure he would beat out Cates for the starting job. Him and Cates have a totally different running style, but both are great blockers and recievers. However i think Kenton's running style and ability to dodge tacklers would benefit him greatly. And like stated the Rider's can't afford him, although it sounds like we could be losing, domingez, hunt and davis, we still have to make up for them.

I wouln’t mind seeing him join my Eskimos… problem is we gave Anderson an extension. I suppose we could try to trade him… but where?

if you landed kieth you could just cut anderson

I suspect he likely will not be back. But if he is the question will be with what team. He would be coming back as free agent. Most teams are set at RB now with the exception of mayb Toronto and possibly Edmonton but they have a couple of unproven young guys.

Yes there is a possibility he could come back to Sask. I don't think the cap will be the problem, it will be more of how he fits into the coaches plan.

Given the number of free agents sask has they would have no problems re-signing him. But don't think they will.