Will Kelly be the second coming of Jeff Reinboldt?

The fans and supporters of the Big Blue are wondering if this new coach is too good to be true, his stranger than usual methods have made many wonder is he a wunderkind? or the second coming of a past failed coach? He has some good players to choose from, but will he make the proper adjustments to the roster to create an interesting chemistry to the team?


An interesting question and one that is much on people's minds. Recall though that the Jeffster inherited a team that was loaded with talent but fed up with the coaching staff. Rather than using that talent he told many veterans that they didn't know how to play football and released them. He then loaded up on rookies who were, by and large, too small for the pro game. When Ritchie came in he cleaned house. Now I'm no Ritchie fan but he knew what it takes to win. I look at MK in the same way. The underperforming team of last year was laden with bad habits. Several players were kept due to loyalty rather than performance. MK has solid contacts at every level of football, and we have to remember that many of the players who will fit in here are yet to be released by the teams that have them now. If it weren't for the training camp roster cap a new coach like MK would likely have 80-100 players in camp. So far I have had little reason to be critical of the moves, but only time will tell.

With Murphy and Dyce, finding talented players is not a problem.

It's the coaching everyone will be watching.

Don't be too quick to judge Kelly. Give him a chance to Coach the hand dealt to him.

Now, If he brought back Westwood and Khari Jones, then I might wonder whats up! :lol: :lol: :lol:

…First of all Kelly didn’t ride into town on a Harley…like Riendolt…Different style altogther for Mike and he comes with a large background in the football world…Some people contend that the missing Grey Cup (could be a few of them) occured when they chose to go with Jeff instead of Mike ,which was the managements choice at the time…We all know how Riendolt worked out…disaster…Will Kelly fare better???..I’d say he’s got a huge jump already, in that he has some semblance of intelligence…We definitely have the troops…Now it’s up to the head-man to get this talent together and show his stuff…I’ve always contended that 09 could be very unpredictable for the BigBlue in 09…I’ll definitely have a better handle on things after the first few games of the year…win or lose…the future for Mike and the club is about to unfold… :wink: :thup:

Yeah. Lefors gives you 4500 yards you guys will be competitive. That's what it comes down to.

That seems like a lot.

GLENN, K WPG 430 249 57.9 3427 100 17 4.0 13 3.0 84.1

Those are Glenns 2006 numbers, 9 - 9 season, I'd say Bombers were competitive.

Using last year's stats 4500 yards would rank Lefors fourth in the league. Way behind Burris, Ray and Calvillo. 3500 yards will give you a 4 to 5 win season.

That's what everyone was saying before the 2006 season too.

How could they win with

a rookie HC
Kevin Glenn at qb
a secondary that gave up the most yards in history
and no kicker.

That records getting old already, time to turn it off.

I'm just saying this is a QB league. It always comes down to that. Everything is riding on Lefors and obviously the Oline

I think that’s the case. If LeFors steps it up and shows that he’s ready for prime time, Kelly will look like a genius.

If LeFors falls flat on his face, Kelly will look bad.

And all I'm doing is giving an example where that wasn't the case, I could dig out more, but I think you get the idea.

I do agree that success often comes down to the qb position, but how the qb manages the game is often more important than how many yards he throws for.

And don't forget, the Bombers would have won the GC with Ryan Dinwiddie, had he managed the game better.

You have me confused here. You list Kevin Glenn's 2006 stats and how the Bombers managed to win despite those numbers an go to the GREY CUP. At least that's how I'm reading it. In 2006 the Bombers finished 6th. of 8 teams and weren't a very good football team with 3 wins against teams other then Toronto and Hamilton. I don't see how this proves your point???

I think your confusing 2006 and 2007 together and yes 2007 the Bombers went to the Grey Cup and Glenn's stats: 5117 yards tops in the league.

GLENN, K WPG 621 388 62.5 5117 67 25 4.0 13 2.1 93.2

.... to me and a lot of other Bomber fans ,the only concerning thing with Glenn is his stats from last year...that's why he's now playing for the Cats..

...by the way hfxtc.....you better correct that line....'other THEN To. and Ham.' or you're going to feel the wrath of MadJack.....lol lol :lol:

Don't confuse 2006 with 2007.

2006 proves that a qb doesn't have to throw for 4,500 yards for his team to be competitive. Glenn didn't and the Bombers finished 9 - 9 which is the definition of competitive.

2007 Dinwiddie was the starter in the GC, which he lost by 4 points, despite turning the ball over 4 times. Had he managed that game better (no turnovers) he probably wins.

Two different years, but both prove my point.

If Lefors is a 4500 yard QB we'll definately finish with an above .500 record..

The way our defense and run game is looking, that looks like enough to keep us in games alone.

id say 3500 yards will be a 9-9 caliber season.

by the way, once Lefors establishes himslef, has a couple preseason games and 1 or two regular games, I think he can throw for that many yards.... watching him you can tell he's composed and accurate... once it all slows down for him and he gets used to the recievers I think he'll be good.

This is the a beyond dumb compairison, Kelly coached here in the early 90's,knows the game, city,players, and more about football than Renbolt ever knew. He was in Edmonton, last year and knows what the Bombers need. He was on the other side of the field in the playoffs last year, when the Bombers QUIT ! He is ridding the team of it's losing culture. They were 8 and 10 last year,not 14 and 4 and won the cup. We haven't won in 19 years , so what do we have to lose. At least this years team won't be more worried about getting a table at Earl's than the result of the game.

I gotta agree...it was sad to see some of the Fan Favs have to go, but last years team definately had an attitude that needed to go away.

Gotta disagree with you. The MGBs would have won the GC if "Blink the Drive Killer" had not dropped 3 passes in open field.