will keith run for over 2000 yards

:o how many yards will keith run for?

KK will get over 1000 yards, but its a little much to say he'll get over 1500 when you consider Holmes, Szarka and Greene will also be part of the Riders rushing game.

While Waqtching the Riders in practice...Holmes seems to be a Reciever this year... Szarka will be used for short gains like he usally is and Greene...well hes Greene so he will get his 500-800 yards as well...But there IS NO DOUBT that KK is the undisputed starter and will get a lot of reps this year

I'm thinking he'll get in the 1000 yard range.

As long as he stays healthy and stays with us the entire season, there is no doubt that he will break 1000 yards this year.

I was just messin around on my phone the other day and looked up KK's twitter. he apparently feels hes in the best shape of his life and could still play at a pro level.

[url=https://twitter.com/KentonKeith/status/508420763410378752]https://twitter.com/KentonKeith/status/ ... 3410378752[/url]