Will Jimenez be back Labour Day?

I don't know if anyone made it down to practice today..just wondering if Jimenez was with the starting O-line. :cowboy:

Seeing that he's on the 9-game injured list, and Labour Day is game #9, no.

(You're allowed to take 1 guy off the 9-game list early, but why do that for a 1 game difference? Also, leaving him on the list for the full 9 games means his salary for those games doesn't count against the cap. If they take him off early it all counts.)

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It's a real possibility, however my guess is he starts the following game against Montreal.

I badly sprained my MCL on my left knee also, although just playing football against my friends.Very painful injury and it stays sore for a loonnnnnggg time.In fact it's still sore and I don't get an MRI till October.The longer he has to heal it, the better.

Thanks JFLoser...I thought it might be the Montreal game...we need his nastiness on the O-line for our Cup run. :cowboy:

8) I would give Jimenez the extra week off and bring him back for the Montreal game.
  As Marcel said,  Belton Johnson has been doing a very good job on the OL, since he started for us !!

Jiminez could be activated from the 9-game injury list early, but then his entire half season's salary would count towards the salary cap...whereas if he stays on the IR one more week, his salary is cap exempt for the first nine games...and Belton has been doing a good job, so there's no panic to bring Jiminez back early.

I do love Jimenez's nastiness but I wouldn't want to bring him back until that knee is not playing on his mind. A lot of times with injuries we tend to favour the once injured area and overcompenstate on the opposite side. We need this guy down the stretch so one more game isn't going to matter. :cowboy:

He's been taking first team reps (http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/), so he may be playing Monday. Doesn't make sense from a salary cap point of view to bring him in one week short of the nine weeks. But then, I have no idea where the team is on the salary cap scale, so maybe they have the room - or maybe they needed to bring him in to avoid the minimum cap penalty? (Anybody have the salary info?)


The Labour Day line-up is completely unchanged from the game in Toronto:


Anyone else get the feeling that Belton Johnson will magically be hurt after this game and go on the 9-game IR? Or will we just cut him?

Belton Johnson will be going on the injury list now. Hopefully with Jimenez back we can get some kind of running game going. :cowboy:

Quite a coincidence that he was hurt this game.

I don't know how long he'll be on the IR for. But it's good to know he's apparently ready to come back.

But will he be in game shape right away?

Drew posted this to his blog four days ago:

Two interesting notes from practice: Jason Jimenez took first team reps at right tackle ahead of Belton Johnson, a strong indicator that he could start this week against Toronto.
[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/09/ticats-reading-and-update-from-practice-and-notebook.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/ ... ebook.html[/url]

So yes, I think he'll be in game shape.