Will Jesse win the CFL Rushing Title?

I was wondering what everyone thought about Lumsden's chances at winning the CFL's Rushing Title (and ousting Roberts whilst at it)

I think if Lumsden continues to play the way he has he will have a great chance of winning that title. A Canadian winning the rushing title, wouldn't that feel good?

It would be nice to see Jesse win the rushing title. I just don't think he'll get enough touches. Charles Roberts will win it as long as he stays healthy

He might but not with this team--not yet amyway. He's not getting enough help from the passing game to open up the field for him. And the O-line is still a work in progress.

An Argo-Cat fan

Not this year. I think he's got all the talent and ability to it, but the team isn't good enough on the whole.

For Jesse to really pile up the numbers I think the team will have to start coming out on fire and grabbing early leads. Holding a lead lets you control the game. Next year I think he's a shoe in.

As much as I was impressed last week I think that we'll have a better evaluation after the next two games against the obvious rival Charles Roberts and the Bombers

This is a poll after 4 games???

The answer is maybe.