Will Jeff Matthew's be ready for T.O.?

Well we now know we will be playing the Argo's next Sunday Nov 15/15 at Tim Horton's Field however we don't know who will be the starting QB for the Tiger-Cats and if Jeff Mathews will be ready or not?

Our selection of QB's is getting work this year, if Mathews still isn't ready or been cleared by medical staff for concussion testing who will get the start next week, Masoli, Harris or give some first team reps this week to Gale?

I thought Masoli did a great job bring the Cats back down by 17 to take the lead at the half by 3, 20-17 over the Redblacks. but the second half just fell apart and a bit of the old Masoli returned. Granted our Offensive line is very hot and cold and many times if we had a solid line upfront there would be no problems for just about any QB in control and we would have a better run game with Gable?

Harris didn't move the team much and was pulled early in the game for Masoli, so who do Cat fans think would give us the best opportunity to win against Toronto next Sunday considering who we have left on the roster?

Jeff Mathews if cleared and healthy, Masoli, Harris or Gale??


In game 1 of the two game series those two int.'s in the end zone, frustrated the hell out of me. Flashes yesterday but still the offence wasn’t consistent. Is there any film on Gale from anywhere? He may know the Argo play book a little. I don’t think it’s really going to matter. Our chances to go back for a third straight Grey Cup appearance went out the door when Zach went down. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t really like our chances of making it out of the east this year! OSKEE!

I think this hits the nail right on the head. None of the QBs we have now can compare to R. Ray, even if he's not at his best, and the way our defense played yesterday, he will eat them up. Our only hope for the next game is whoever Austin picks has a fairly good game and the Argos fall flat. The fan noise at home will help the D but I think they will need more than that. If Matthews cannot play next Sunday, Masoli, I think is our best hope, although a slim one.

It should be Mathews with Masoli backing him up and it's unfortunate Harris wasn't given enough time. A dropped pass from Sink or was it underwood? a fumble by Banks the following return.

Cant wait till next weekend. We the fans will be deafening.

Here's the next question.

Sink or Banks on punt returns.

I love me some Banks but Sink was running with a purpose yesterday.

With the game that Masoli played yesterday, IMHO he has earned the start over Matthews and Harris.
Even Austin was surprised by how well he did

“We lost two receivers early so we needed to have some other options with Jeremiah’s ability to run the football, try and manufacturer some offence,? said Hamilton head coach Kent Austin. “I thought considering the guy hasn’t played very much, he did really well.?

He came into the game down 17-0 early in the 1st qtr. and at the half we were up 20-17, he was calm and composed.
His only real glitches were with ball handling between him and Gable. 6 days of 1st team reps and a larger package of plays should address that.

I'd still go with Mathews. Unless the wind is blowing like it was a couple of weeks ago than I'd go to Masoli or Harris

I just checked Hamilton weather for next Sunday

Sunny with cloudy periods high of 9, 20% chance of rain and
WINDS OUT OF THE SW at 50KPH :expressionless:

[url=http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/canada/ontario/hamilton]http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weathe ... o/hamilton[/url]

Masoli it is then! Actually I don't have a problem with Masoli starting and I WOULDN'T have said that a week ago! He was a pleasant surprise and I'm glad that his hard work and all the extra time he has put in after practice has paid off. There is no guarantee that Mathews will be ready and since Masoli has been in the league longer, I think he might handle the defense (it IS a Creehan D, after all :roll:) better and certainly his mobility in windy conditions and with a banged up OL is an asset. He just needs to REALLY work on controlling the fumbles/handoffs which seemed to be the main problem.

I agree with tabbiefanmcb - I really think Masoli has benefited from all the extra work that he's put in. Count me as happily surprised. That being said, not ALL of those fumbles were on him...

Wow, I thought that the Winds were supposed to be less at THF than at Ivor Wynne when the planning committee decided to alter the stadium directions from East to West to the current North to South?

It sounds like every game in Hamilton now has a wind issue to deal with, it's great if it works for your home team but not so great if it doesn't.

I guess at Ivor Wynne we also had the bowl effect in the end zone and the winds would swirl more?

Masoli would be my guess as well, he brings that ability to scramble which is huge and move the pocket and keep the defence on it's toes. Now just score more TD's in the Red Zone and hang on to the football!


I was in the stadium and must have missed an injury and somebody not playing. I've since watched the first 3 quarters, taped, and still don't know who Austin was talking about -- Banks and ?????? Can somebody help me out on this?

Pretty sure Tasker went down but made it back into the game.

Tolliver... :roll:

I didn't think that Toliver was playing but I thought I heard that Tasker was having his shoulder looked at so he might have been out a few plays. I think he has been a bit banged up since the BC game but is still out there.

Picking the starting QB is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, I fear.

if the defense can't figure out how to stop Burris, then it won't matter who is QB for Hamilton.

The North South stadium direction was everything to do with cutting down the sun in the eyes of the players nothing to do with the wind. I don't think the planners even thought about the wind. The stadium direction and the height of the stands have created a wind tunnel, it has been unbelievable this year.

It was also to do with fitting a modern stadium at the desired specs into the land available.

The interaction between the structure and the wind was probably understood by some of the people involved in the project, but it was probably only considered in terms of the integrity of the structure, rather than the "occupant experience" when the wind is blowing off the escarpment.