Will Jarious end up traded post-season?

Just had to bring this up b/c I am me.

But I recall a while back (Feb?)that Wally wanted to trade JJ b/c he believed that he deserved better than 3rd on the depth chart.

Personally, I think that JJ did one he[[ of a job in relief and think that he'll stick around for training camp to have it out with Buck.

His stock definitely went up, and a lot of other teams got to see why the lions were so high up on this guy.

I'm not whining, I just want to know what all the other members of the forum think b/c about 90% are smarter than me and have more insights.

Okay...okay make it 97% if it pleases you...

trading Jarious would be a very unwise move. Dickenson throws one TD and everyone thinks he's # 1 again. Not necessarily.

Look at it this way. Jarious gets traded and Dickenson gets another knock on the head. then what?

Agreed. I'm repeating myself, but Dickenson should become our QB coach, and let Pierce and Jackson compete next year for #1 with the other as a back up.

Heres a thought, how about a 1-2 punch like Edmonton did with all those QB's in the 80's?

Moon, Wilkinson, Ham, Allen........

okay here's a question... let's say Dave is a QB coach with the Lions next year. Would the Lions be able to throw him onto the field as a player at some point if Buck and Jarious were injured?

In other words, can you be a coach and a player at the same time? Or is it if you're a coach you can never become a player?

Has it ever happened that a coach that had player experience was thrown onto the field in an emergency situation? Would a separate contract agreement have to be written?

Good question 120db......I'm sure it has to fall under the salary cap. I suppose he could retire as a player, and then un-retire, similar to what Brett Anderson does at the beginning of the year.

Pao pao did it in BC why not. Still the salary thing . Also in Calgary this year a defensive lineman who is now scouting ended up playing a game this year as well.

Thanks BobbyP, I forgot about Maxie in Calgary, there you go 120db, your question might be answered.

Yes , Poapoa showed Doug Flutie the ropes. It sounds likeDD was planning to be back next year in a diminished role . Maybe as #3 and possibly doing some coaching duty.

Who would we trade for ? yah it was Maxie good memory.

How about a trade for some credible officiating?:twisted:

No, seriously, i see your point. If DD does take a serious paycut, they can lock up a few more guys under the cap after next year.

Or could restucture JJ's contract I guess (but really don't know how much he makes or performance incentives).

Btw, wasn't Mcloughlin (sp?) with Calgary as a coach before he took over for shudder O'Mahony in '05?

Yup, you are close, 81 reasons, actually, I think McLoughlin was Team President and then came back. Calgary posters, a history review for us please!

Isn't Mark President of Olds University outside Calgary? How did that come about?

That's an interesting jump from pro football to being president of a college...

For one JJ is a free agent after this season so that really limits the trade options . Maybe WB should just try to re-sign him instead.

I am not complaining in the least or inferring anything, but when is Wally's contract up anyways? B/c he is doing doing a standing ovation worthy job again.

(I never know how to find out info on the coaches contracts.)

Btw, other than being a ironfist in Calgary, why was there a Wally-Hater crowd coming from their fanbase.

(too chicken to ask about wally in their forum until after the playoffs... they might think I want to swap coaches or something)

Pennw did you read the column in the newspaper where they might restructure Dickensons contract to free up more money for Jackson? I think it was either yesterdays or Mondays Province.

The thought process was pay Dickenson as a coach / consultant, and re-sign Jackson.

Sure hope so Sporty . I think WB will make it a priority to get JJ back. Although DD said he doesn't want to coach rather than play. I believe that may have been in today's Province in the Blitz section.

I'm sure Wally will make the right decision.

Looks like your Crystal Ball is snazzier than JoJo the Psychic's Make-up and hairdo:

Winning Stops Lions QB controversy from Developing (yup and how about some egos being checked at the door?)

Nice little article, but its the comments near the end of the second page that makes you the Solid Gold Crystal Ball Daddy:

[i]"Dickenson sounds sincere when he says all the oars are pulling in the same direction, this time, and that his spectacular return to the lineup in relief last week doesn't change a thing.

"It was such a long time. I mean, I hadn't played in three months, so it's good to get back in, but the expectations of anything beyond that are just ... who knows," he said, stepping carefully through the minefield. "I'm not trying to ... I just want to win. If I play, great. If I don't, hopefully I can do something else to help us win."[/i]

...as for the 2 QB system, in an injury free qb season: wow, I mean wow!

But in reality, playing 2 QB's will most likely allow us to see Gino Guidugli (we had DD, JJ, and now GG) extend his time on the roster and even see his blossoming... or deflowering... :twisted:

Done deal!

Dickenson gone, Jackson signed.

Jackson and Pierce to fight it out for the Number 1 job.

Guidugli at #3 unless Wally finds another QB to compete.