Will Jarious be starter QB now?

He played an amazing game. And him and Geroy Simon play INCREDIBLE together. He falls, gets up,and throw a TD, i say put Jarious as starter QB.

buck will start. You can’t lose your job to injury. I am sure though if things start to go downhill then the swap at quarter will happen

I thought Wally could rotate his QBs as he saw the need. Is there some reason he has to start with the same QB game to game? If there is then all he would have to do is put Buck in for the opening set of downs and then replace him with Jarious.

Buck got off to a good start against Edmonton. Too bad he got injured but regardless, if I had my preference it would be Jarious against Calgary.

Even though Jarious deserves to start based on his last performance, stay with the program. Leave Buck start and then if he faulters, put Jarious in. If that does not pan out, then you can revert back to Buck after he observes what's going down on the field. Jarious does not seem to do well as a starter. One thing I really like about him, as he can really gun it down field and stretch the defence, as opposed to Buck's more short controlled stuff. Jarious needs to secure the ball a bit better when he takes off to run and Buck's gotta quit taking those nasty hits!. Just my 2 cents.

Jarious still makes me nervous on some of his throws. That one end zone shot of that Edmonton defender almost getting his fingers on the ball is why.

Buck is the starter (for now). As pointed out earlier, you can’t lose it by injury. I actually think Jackson plays better coming off the bench than he does starting.

Great points above. Buck is a more consistent and accurate then Jarious, so I would rather start the game with Pierce than Jackson. Having a guy like Jackson come off the bench, with his arm and ability to stretch a defense, can really help the Lions if they are down a bunch at the half.

Holler at my boy #14 making his way up the depth chart.

I hope JJ starts the 2nd half! at least his long bombs are bit more catchable, he is a spark for this team that this team needs now!

Hard to figure Wally out sometimes. I don't think it would have mattered who started tonight. I suppose they will start Buck against Hamilton next week. The whole team better perform better. Another loss to Hamilton and things will get really ugly!

raynettles51 you are right on the money.
Buono's stubbornness and resistance to change is costing the Lions big time!

Sure, JJ played an amazing game against Edmonton, but if you think about it, its not Buck Peirce's fault for not doing so well. He has very poor cover, if he had some more time to look around and throw, he would be killer, instead he has to run around and avoid people. So I'm not blaming Buck, I'm blaming the defense line. Plus, he also is way more accurate then JJ, JJ can throw the long bombs better then Buck Peirce, but that's not what its all about. Buck Peirce does accurate throws, and can move the BC Lions up the field 1 by 1 and make them gain momentum. And those long throws can be really dangerous sometimes.


You make some good points. Please clarify:

When you say, "So I'm not blaming Buck, I'm blaming the defense line. " are you meaning B.C.'s offensive line for not giving him the protection he needs?

I think we have a competitive defensive line. I can't remember but I'd like to know how may points Calgary scored because of forced turn overs. Smart cost us points. Jackson cost us points.

Pierce was playing well against Edmonton until he got his head dinged. He was making some good plays last night against Calgary. Jarious on the other hand was playing like he was nervous and rattled. Can't figure that out. His passes were not just off the mark. They were waaaayyyy off the mark! Kind of like a pitcher repeatedly throwing wild pitches. That will bury a team. Seemed last night that poor Jarious wouldn't be able to hit the side of the Titanic from 10 yards away.

At least Wally did something last night that he's not done for quite awhile. He put in Jarious early in the second half.

Personally I'm happy to see the QBs rotated during the game. This might keep the opposition on their toes. Whether they start Jackson or Pierce or Lulay next game doesn't matter to me. If things are going well and the QB is on the mark keep him in.

Speaking of Lulay....hmmmmm.... do you think? :wink:

They showed Lulay on tv yesterday and it looks to me this guy has some fire in his eyes.

Bucky has not played well, mostly because he's always getting creamed by the other teams defence, plus he does not have the arm strength to really be an effective qb! Jarious threw some pretty great passes, but his receivers were not catching them!

i think jarious jackson should be starting the next couple games to see how he does.

I think Buck Pierce is just getting started, he played and amazing game last night, nice throws, his record for completed passes were really good. Good job buck.

I think they shouldn't put JJ in for those 1 yard touchdowns, that stupid interception he threw, big mistake, and even when he does try ton dive into the end zone he usually doesn't make it on his first try, and i say defiantly keep him as a second string WB.

He's a big arm QB. He is extremely strong but that doesn't mean he can do well in little situations. Perhaps Lulay should try for short yardage instead?

Ya I was really impressed on those opening drives except for our turn overs. Buck was looking good. I hope he can keep it up!

pierce will bring us a cup! he did a great job! he chucked the ball away when he didnt see anything but he tried to run with it a little bit to long once . its not worth it buck !we cant win games with you injured !and that throw to paris on the 10 yard line was amazing ! right in jacksons hands!....no excuses paris jackson!!! !!! tailgate!