Will Jamall Lee make Carolina's final roster?

I believe he will. He has all of the physical tools necessary to play in the NFL. He almost seems like more of an NFL prospect than a CFLer. At any rate, I think he has a lot better shot making the Panthers than Stefan Logan does with the Steelers.

He'll be #45-53 on their roster. He will be a 3rd or 4th string running back playing some special teams.

He'll get more money not playing that starting in the CFL. If he makes the team, I can see him being a journeyman RB in the NFL. People make good careers going from team to team.

Yeah 300 k u.s. to start, plus a signing bonus isn't a bad way to start your pro career. The trick is to get enough games to get the NFL pension. I think Doug Brown is 3 games short of that mark.

i think in his first year he'll play alot on special teams but by year 3 i bet if he isn't starting he will defenatley be in the # 2 RB position . MHO is this guy is real good . as far as Logan goes Practise roster at best . CFL defences were already starting to figure this guy out in the last few games of the season.

I would say the best Jamall could hope for is to spend a year on the Developmental squad ($90,000 for entire season). The coaches want him to change his running style to be less upright. That team is also loaded with young RB's and draft picks. He reportedly received a $15,000 signing bonus, but players only get paid their salary if they are on the roster for regular season games starting in Sept.

I'd say he'll make the final roster, just as a 3rd or 4th strong RB.

Article about him at NFL Canada.


Lee isn't gauranteed to make it in the CFL either. Several young Canadians have made rosters in the NFL, been released, and then come to the CFL only to be placed in backup roles. Darren Deitrech comes to mind. Lee will be in the same boat. I hope he is successful in the CFL or NFL, but thinking he'll come to the CFL and dominate because he went to an NFL camp is ridiculous.

RB’s are a dime a dozen in the States, I wish him luck, but no, he won’t make it. I just hope he isn’t too disappointed when it happens.

It's true, and it's largely because RBs usually have a very short (four years or so) career. But this is also what might give him a chance, unless he dominates in pre-season and makes it as a starter. They may see him as a quality replacement down the road. If he eventually goes to the CFL he will likely finish his career there simply because of the postion he plays and the likelihood of a career-ending injury.

The key for any player to make it in the NFL .....stay healthy.

Jamal has had injury problems in the past, if he has rehabbed properly he has a chance (which I believe he does).

NFL teams are quick to release players who are injury prone or are injured in pre-season. Just ask Lumsden.

Carolina's top two RB spots are locked up tight so Lee will be fighting for the 3rd or 4th RB spot(if they keep 4). I think the way he makes it on the roster will be his ability to play on special teams i.e., the kickoff teams. With his size and speed, he should be a good special teams player immediately that could develop into a solid pro RB.