will it hurt to have brock ralph out of the lineup


so you want to bench a guy who leads the team in receptions & receiving yards, and is tied for the lead in TD receptions?

Ralph leads the team in receiving and is 11th in the league ahead of names like Tucker, Simon and Flick

42 catches 601 yards 14.3 avg. 88 longest 3 TDs

The next closet Ti-Cat is Lumsden with 22 catches for 309 yards.

I agree with Jdawg. I'd also say if the offence didn't go three and out everytime he'd have more opportunities. Its no wonder the Zeke leads the league in tackles. He spends 50 minutes a game on the field.

If Ralph didn’t drop any ball that might vaguely require him to take a hit after or while making the catch, perhaps the offense wouldn’t go two and out so often.

I know he has good stats, but man, he has no spine and will always shy away from physical contact. That kind of receiver should not be your go-to guy.

I know he has good stats, but man, he has no spine and will always shy away from physical contact. That kind of receiver should not be your go-to guy.
Ahh, don't say that. Nobody knows how to take someone out at the knees like Mr Ralph. ;)

Brock Ralph has the two longest Ticat touchdown receptions this season, 88 yards and 71 yards. Ralph and Armstead should be "go-to" receivers on deep routes and sometimes on intermediate routes. They are both better when they play in space. Their speed is wasted when they have to stand there waiting for the ball on those patented thirty yard lateral pass plays or if they have to make catches over the middle in heavy traffic.

Casey Printers seems to have a strong arm. If the offensive line can give Printers a bit more time to throw, it will be interesting to see how Ralph and Armstead do when he leads them with a pass in full stride.

As for receptions over the middle, fullback/tight end Kori Dickerson seems to have had some success there but the team needs one more possession receiver for those heavy traffic passing routes.

disciplineandpunish wrote:"If Ralph didn't drop any ball that might vaguely require him to take a hit after or while making the catch, perhaps the offense wouldn't go two and out so often."

I have seen him take many big hits..mainly thanks to Maas who caused his receivers to either wait or run back to get the ball. During that time the opposition had plenty of time to line him up and level him as soon as he caught it. For a skinny fella he has survived these punishing hits very well.

Must be the extra padding in the feathers.

I might be wrong here, but I'm thinking they got Printers because of the lack of an experienced o-line, thinking that his mobility might buy him some time!

Looks like Ralph will be out after all. Bruised shoulder.

With the exception of the no spine comment one could argue that describes a former Ti-Cat who was a go-to guy and he just went into the hall of fame in Darren Flutie. I don't think Darren enjoyed getting hit either.

Not every receiver is willing to get creamed for a 3 yard gain like Jo Jo Walker is, that doesn't mean that a player that "shy's away from contact" is not valuable.

Brock is valuable, he has great speed and he needs to be utilized in that fashion. Throwing Brock a 5 yard slant to the middle of the field is not the best of plays to call. Brock doesn't like getting creamed...who does or who would. I don't blame him for that. I do have issues when he drops what I think should be caught. I take it with a grain of salt because he is a deep threat and there is nothing better than watching him burn a safety deep and taking it to the house.

“will it hurt to have Brock Ralph out of the lineup?”

Which team? us or them?

An Argo-Cat fan

Agreed, and that's why he should be moved from the slot to the outside.

No offense, but why are we even comparing Darren Flutie, a Hall of Fame receiver, to Brock Ralph, who has proven little to nothing in the CFL? I don't see the point in responding to that comparison.

Also, there's a difference between not enjoying getting hit (normal for receivers) and having significant aspects of your game take a turn for the worse BECAUSE you're worried about getting hit. In my opinion, and of course I could be wrong, Ralph drops balls whenever he hears footsteps, and that's why I said he shouldn't be your go-to guy. That's not to say he can't be an effective deep threat or stretch man. But when you need that crucial second-down conversion, when you need a receiver who isn't afraid to step into traffic and pay a physical price to pick up the yardage, don't go to Brock Ralph. Of course he can be an asset to the team, just not in that role.

Darren Flutie did not shy away from contact AT ALL. He was centimeter for centimeter one of the toughest slotbacks n the history of the game because he never shied away from turning the ball upfield or finding a soft spot in the zone in the middle of the field. To compare his grapefruits-per-catch with Ralph would be laughable. Straight up.

Oski Wee Wee,

it will definately hurt to have ralph out of the lineup and theyhave a lack of receivers like jo jo and nate curry and bauman will be a threat down the road but ralph is in serious pain and taffe was complimeting him in practice for the heart he has he said he is willing to get frozen up to play this weekend against his brother brett.

The injury happened early in the game and from what I heard it's alot more than a bruised shoulder. Maybe it's just me but I'm sure anyone with a torn up shoulder might not want to take some hits later on in that game...I don't know but maybe that contributed to some drops...or maybe the fact that he couldn't lift his arm above the waist??? As much as people like to bash on here, I sure hope it heals quick based on our other options at receiver.

The squawkers on this website don't want hear
that there may be a valid explanation of

why Brock Ralph or any other receiver
on this team might drop a pass, Tcat,

Such possibilities may deny them
of one of their greatest pleasures,

beaking off about how bad
everyone on this team is.

Thank you for setting the record straight. Comparing HOFer Darren Flutie to Brock Ralph is downright insulting. No one went after balls more aggressively than Flutie. And unlike Raplh who looks for the sidelines as his first option, Flutie always looked to get that extra yard or two by turning it upfield. Brock is bigger, faster and taller than Darren Flutie but as football players, Flutie stands head and shoulders above Ralph.

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