Will it be a fine, suspension or both for Austin?

Physical Abuse of an Official is unacceptable, It could be ugly. :frowning:

Regardless of how bad the call was , Austin crossed the line if he indeed contacted the official , he should be fined and suspended .
I think it is time for him to move away from the sideline and do like Huff did in Calgary and pass the torch over to Orlando or whomever , too many great players have got away for whatever reason to have any consistency year in and year out .

Come on....it was an accident that he barely touched his finger. No intent on Austins part. Fine maybe...suspension...not on earth. Fine/Suspend/terminate the official who made that ridiculous call.


I think if anyone had an intention to "abuse" an official, it would be much more than a finger to finger contact.

There's a whole thread about that garbage call, but I highly doubt that call would have been made in Hamilton.

Well, the little love tap on Stala last year cost him (or the team) 10K , me thinks this one is a tad more severe . It will boil down to how the league asseses the intention , if they deem it a mistake/unintentional or whether they deem it intentional contact with the official .

I gave to disagree with your comment. Replays showed that Austin intentionally leaned in to contact Stella. Yesterday was a wave of his arm that accidentally brushed the official. Totally different...there was no intent to contact. The Stalla incident was intentional.

Agreed, I don't see any intention by Austin by a slight touch, come on, this is getting blown way out of proportion.

Good for Austin....
That was an absolute b/s call, that in watching football for almost 40 years.
I have never seen "called"..period.
He should have laid the Line Judge out on the ground.
Was the SOB from Sask ?
Now that is the question I ask...
Total...Total bullsh%t. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

The league is likely going to look at this and the incident with Stala as a possible precursers to a incident that could be more severe in the future and act accordingly .
Kent has to control his emotions , instead of having interaction with the official who may have had nothing to do with the call , he could have called a time out and requested Bradbury to explain the B.S. call .

Even in the interview with reporters after the game he was could not resist being smart with one of the reporters who asked a perfectly normal question.

Are to referring to Drew Edwards ?
Who can blame Austin...for that ether.
Edwards may be the Spec's Ti Cat Reporter.
But if you follow his 3Downnation..
It does not take long to figure out "what he is all about".
Hell he is not even a Ti Cat Fan...he follows Montreal.
And he ask's the most b/s questions at the wrong time...
Look..it is not "rocket-science" to be able to understand at "certain times"
some questions should not be asked.
Ask them...a bit later, when emotions are not running so high.
Edwards has never be able to "get that".
I rather follow Steve Milton..any day.

The Stala one I understand, he leaned into that. This one he was just letting the ref hear his piece and was flailing his arms around as most of us do when we're livid and may or may not have had finger to finger contact. My god, better give him the death penalty

Wow hes pissed. Even his stubble looks angry.

I need to rewatch this play/penalty. It quite the hot topic

Let's not all be homers. Austin approached this referee in an extremely menacing manner. As of now we don't know what words he had to say but it's clear the official felt physically threatened. If you watch this little video, you will see that the linesman ducked as if he was cowering, BEFORE, Austin struck out. This was not incidental contact. Austin lost control but luckily managed to quell his emotion imediately. He was intentionally swinging at the officials arm, which he did strike. 3 game suspension would be a good lesson for all. (BY the way, the call that caught his fancy was bush league. The official should have made a mental note and addressed the action by snappers with his superiors and the league after the game and in the office.)

Significant fine.

No suspension.

Do some of you really think this was unintentional?

Hope you're on my jury.

Mythirdname… you gotta be kidding. You should watch the video…the linesman DID NOT DUCK!
And…what’s with all the freakin’ RED highlights? Every post you put on any thread is … I can’t even describe how stupid and offensive they are.
Your now on my list of idiots :thdn: :rockin: and are on my ignore list. Why did I bother to look at your post???
You need to troll another sport.

Excuse me, but the option to use colour and drama, which you certainly have taken advantage of, has been made available by the forum design. And what actually is offensive is your choice to use this public area to namecall people idiots and trolls. If you dislike my opinions, pay them no attention as I do to yours.

Check the video again, my fabulous eyesight sees the linesman ducking.

I think the linesman is the guy that is the Lt Col in the armed forces? Looks like him anyway. If so, I doubt that he was cowed by Austin, but I am sure that any agitated, angry, threatening, and probably highly verbal person moving directly at anyone would cause them to at least flinch, if not prepare to either "fight or flight". Definitely a reaction on the part of the official, and although he appears to be startled, he quite calmly draws and throws his flag as Austin retreats.

I think the fact that it was a 10 yard penalty assessed as opposed to an ejection might be in Austin's favour, although there is probably no rule against the League Commissioner increasing the severity of the penalty after review?

Duron Carter got a game, I can see Austin getting at least that, and maybe more because it was an official that he struck, accidently or not?

Reminds me of the call the USA caused to be made against Canada in women's soccer in the London Olympics. And I thought players gesturing for referees to make calls was itself a penalty? The whole incident was ridiculous, from the Riders 'calling' the penalty right through Austin's reaction.

Sublime to the ridiculous...fine and suspension will probably be the outcome. :thdn:

They never called for a penalty, they said "He moved the ball".

A lot of posters are saying or assuming that Austin made contact with, or hit, the official, unintentional if anything. Video only seems to show Austin being overly demonstrative and yelling in the face of the linesman. The penalty may have been called simply because Austin went to far in what he said or his strong physical reaction rather than actual contact being made.

Just saying, rather than jumping to conclusions.