Will Huntley & Wroten make the team?

With the way Armond Armstead has looked very impressive thus far in rookie camp, how likely is it that Huntley and/or Wroten gets cut? Both disappeared for long stretches last year, and in general had terrible seasons.

Problem is they both try to play DT as if they were lining up at DE. Rushing wide and not even bothering to try and get a push up the middle. This creates two huge problems - - allows QBs to easily step up into the pocket to avoid any kind of edge rush and also creates a huge hole for big runs up the middle.

Will Wroten have more trouble trying to cross the border like last year? Jones has been known to be pretty tolerant of players with baggage, but if Wroten continues with his drug habits how long will Jones put up with that?


Puff, Puff, Give.

Looks like Wroten won’t be sticking around for another year. Great to see the new coaches aren’t willing to put up with his act.

congratulations. heres a yellow dude.. :rockin: