Will Hill released

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#Ticats have released Will Hill. #CFL

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#Ticats have cut LB Will Hill. They've signed DT Nikita Whitlock to the PR. DB Demond Washington has come off the 6 game injured list. #CFL


Wow, didn't see THAT coming.

DUMB!!!!! Let's cut one of very few players who HAS been able to make plays?

New Defensive Coach and changes are made to his new defence ,my way or the highway....
Don't know but changes were needed to shock this team....

Will Hill picked up by another CFL team in 3 - 2 - 1

Unless Hill failed the pee test, this is just E'ffed up

  1. Right, and who knows what Hills reaction was to these coaching changes ??

He is a known hothead.
I look for more changes coming. This new guy Nikita Whitlock who they just signed, supposedly to the PR, is now listed
on the active roster :slight_smile:

Wow !!!! Kudos to my boy 2ez who called and predicted this move roughly a month ago . Just to refresh everyone's memory here is the link to that original thread prediction of July 9th........... "Calling it now - Will Hill will be cut " . :o


Will Hill has been one of, if not our best players on both defence and special teams.

Is it just a rumour? Or, has K.A.'s title now been officially changed, From V.P. Football Operations & H.C., to Ring Master?

What a stupid release, guy was one of the bright lights on a very dim and underperforming team so we reward him with walking papers. Also is Nikita Whitlock not a FB formerly of the Giants?

Yep, former Giants FB that apparently played a little on the defensive line.

Played defense in college as well, pretty interesting signing.

  1. Obviously his release had nothing to do with his play so far.
    Trouble has followed him throughout his career, so I would imagine it is his off field actions that have caused him
    problems again !! He has already left the team twice in recent weeks to deal with family issues :o
    The team can only put up with that stuff for so long !! :-[

5'10", 250 lbs. A little light for a DT...

This will come back to bite us....HARD...

I guess having 8 children with 7 women is difficult. Who would have known?

  1. Right...not even the kids !! As the famous saying goes..."Who's Your Daddy" ::slight_smile: :wink:

Will will re-surface in one of the CFL's sewer holes; either Regina, Montreal or Toronto. BC might even take a gander on him if the price is right!

Did we ever hear why Hill didn't finish the last game? I assumed he was hurt partway through, but they couldn't release him if he's injured. Given latest news, another possibility is that he really ticked off the wrong person during the game.

Too bad considering he had the talent but not the intestinal fortitude to keep his emotions in check. I get the feeling he burned a lot of bridges in his short time in the Hammer.

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#Ticats Kent Austin on release of Will Hill: "We want guys that understand what it means to be a teammate and to play in a team sport." #CFL