Will Hill Plat Friday??

is he going to be good to go by then? ive bin waitin to see this guy play again forever!

Taken From Hamilton Spec.
"Cat GM Marcel Desjardins said Cat import receiver Willie Quinnie no longer fits in the club's plans and will be cut or traded probably later today. He became expendable with the return of Kahlil (the Thrill) Hill, who is expected to make his 2006 debut Friday night and the emergence of DaVon Fowlkes on special teams.



Thread Title: Will Hill Plat Friday??

Is Hill in real estate?*

Definition: A plat is a map, drawn to scale, showing how a piece of land is divided into lots with streets and alleys, usually for the purpose of selling the described lots; this is known as subdivision. After a plat is filed, legal descriptions can refer to lot numbers rather than portions of sections. Plats can also legally dedicate land for road and other rights-of-way.

I kind of like this question. :smiley:

hey blitz, do you ever read what you type BEFORE you send it?

Just curious. :wink:

hey buds, how bout you !@#$$@##@ and then you can #@@%! .
you @## :slight_smile: could yah do that for me?

Just Curiou. :wink:

My, my.....

I was just having fun with the connection between the typo (plat) and its meaning and the obvious double meaning of my question, "Is Hill in real estate?"

However, I've heard worse than !@#$$@$##@ in my life.


oski wee wee

sheesh ... you couldn't even get that right.
I even typed it out for ya.

Let's end the feud or each of you boys is going to have to go to opposite sides of the plat!

Ahh...he started it.