Will HEYWARD must make our team!

This guy is a stud. He's made more picks than anyone else in camp and yesterdays game showed he's just a true playmaker. On defence or special teams, he's always around the ball. The way he grabbed that fumbled punt effortlessly and jogged into the endzone just confirmed for me that its just natural to him.

I dont know how he doesnt make this team outright on the opening day roster. I think Tidale, Dennis, or L. Jackson might be the odd man out. But I really liked Jackson too.

I think our starters will be:

CB - Will Poole
HB - J. Shivers
S - Barker
HB - Heyward
CB - J. Bradley

Backups - Shannon James (DB/LB/ST) Beveridge (S/ST) R. Hinds (CB/DB/ST) L. Jackson (CB/DB/ST)


Cannot agree more.Especially after watching the replay on Cable 14 at midnight last night

Heyward and Manson both look like keepers to me. Lots of speed and ability.

I think one or two big names may be cut from our secondary as a result of the emergence of these two.

Is it just me or did Manson look 3x as fast on TV?
The guy makes something outta nothing and must've had about 3 or 4 near breakaways.Impressive to say the least.

Starters will be Tisdale and Jykine at corner with Heyward and Poole (assuming he's healthy) at the halfback spots. Not sure who gets the start at Safety but i hope it's Barker.

Backups will be Beveridge, Manson(although he's only there for returning punts and kicks) Hinds and Shivers

I think it’s:
CB Will Poole
CB Geoff Tisdale
HB Will Heyward OR Jerome Dennis
HB Jykine Bradley OR Jason Shivers


Heywars has made a great impression but not enough to grab a starting role just yet

starters will be

CB - Tisdale
HB - J. Shivers
S - Barker
HB - Poole
CB. J. Bradley

Backups - Heyward (DB) Beveridge (S/ST) R. Hinds (CB/DB/ST) Beswick ( CB) AND Manson handling kick return duties

The emergence of Heyward puts Dennis on the practice roster

Heyward is suppose to be a very good kick returner as well as a good DB. :thup: We have two Wills one of them will have to be Willy.