Will Heyward....a keeper!

Wow...I was really impressed with Heyward tonight. This guy can cover and he's a sure, physical tackler. I think it's going to be pretty tough to take him out of the starting lineup. :cowboy:

Agreed, i watched Heyward on quite a few plays and he sticks to his man pretty well. Not a bad tackler either.

Loved Heyward tonight. I don't hate Bradley, but his weakness is his penchant for going to the big hit over the sure tackle. Heyward goes for the sure tackle. Great stuff from him tonight.

Obie is pretty good at finding talent. :smiley:

I said in the pre season that there is no way the Cats can cut a guy like Heyward. He was the teams biggest playmaker in the pre season. Finding DB's that are natural playmakers are extremely hard to find. Korey Banks and Baron Miles are two others that come to mind off the top of my head.

I love how Bradley hits thou. Its too bad with this Canadian ratio garbage that we couldnt move Bradley back to safety, with Tis and Heyward playing the corners.

He is a shut down corner. I was at the game, and he looked like a vet.

Last night was some of the best play from the secondary I've seen in a few years. Nice work boys. Crack Cahoon next week.

After seeing that performance, it's pretty clear that he should be in the starting lineup.
We're going to have our hands full with Cahoon, Green, Watkins, Richardson, Carter, etc.

Exactly what we’ve been missing. I was quite impressed by him.

According to Drew Edwards, Heyward is still practicing in Bradley's spot.Looking good :thup:

The kid did his job ...

Agree he is keeper

I think Bradley is better suited to play HB anyways. He does make some big hits.

Bradley over Shivers :thup:

Great article on Will from his home town paper today. :cowboy:

Heyward had a great game last night. They were trying to pick on him but he played real physical and covered tight. This guy is a sure tackler, something we've been lacking at corner. :cowboy: