Will he or won't he?

And the drama begins. Please your bets: Will Brett Favre retire?

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I doubt it, he would be leaving $12,000,000 on the table!

as if he really needs it.

I think he still has what it takes to go another year, but he ended this one kinda banged up. Enough to give a guy second thoughts, specially if there is a wife involved 8)

If Chelios can play in the NHL at 46-47, Favre can play another year at 41. I think he'll be back because the Vikings are a very good team and with a legit shot again next year at the SB.

I don't see how he makes the Vikings better... Last season the Vikings were 10-6, and won the division. This season they were 12-4, and won the division. He was good for about two wins. :lol:

I think he hurts the team. Think about it... In 2007, he led the Packers to a great season. They advanced to the NFC Championship... and then lost because Favre threw a pick in OT. In 2008, he joined the Jets. He had them looking good at the start. They were 8-3, and looking to make the playoffs. Then Favre completely fell apart, and cost the Jets a playoff spot. This year, he joined the Vikings, and just like the Jets, he had them looking good. They advanced to the NFC Championship, just like the Packers in 2007. But then Favre throws a bonehead pass, it gets picked off, and the Vikings lose in OT.

He'll never win a team a championship. If I'm a Vikings fan, I want him to retire!

He did once in '96. Hey, if no one wants him, the Argos are always looking for new talent

Marty York reports that Farve will retire next month only to resurface at the Toronto Argonauts training camp. :lol: :lol:

Yes, I know. I was referring to his twilight years. He'll never win another team a championship.

Marty York....is that you?

sorry chief I know your hatred for Favre rivals my dislike for Manning but some of your points lead me to believe you're a very casual fan or you just feel like leaving out some facts. Now to start I'm not defending those picks they're boneheads for sure. To say though he didn't make the Packers better when he was ot away from the SB and they went 6-10 the next year is hard to believe but I will say as a Packer fan the long term looks good with Rodgers. People talk how he choked on the Jets but they tend to leave out he had a torn bicep which he did tell them but they still felt he was their best shot. As for the Vikings you obviously aren't a Viking fan cause it about 90% that want him back. To say he didn't make them better when in 08 they were a team with no shot at winning the wild card game to 09 when he had them a play way from the SB seems pretty naive. The pick was bad but I believe the 6 fumbles weren't a huge help. If you ask most Viking fans he's still a couple notches down on the blame game for the loss. Aside from the pick that was one of the guttsiest games I've ever seen him play. Just my point of view though I still respect yours

Snoopy, I never said he didn't make the Packers better. I said he didn't make the Vikings all that much better. Of course the Vikings didn't have a chance in 2008. This team has slowly been progressing. In 2006, they were 6-10. In 2007, they were 8-8. In 2008, they were 10-6. You see the progress? Even if they hadn't signed Favre, I still believe they would've continued to progress. Would they have been in the NFC Championship? Who can say... but they would've been a better team than they were in 2008, regardless if Favre was leading them or not.

As far as the Jets situation, sure, he was injured, but if you look at his stats for the last few years (excluding this year), he has a habit of dropping off. I saw an article about a year or so ago that clearly laid out his stats for the first half of seasons, and the second half, and there's always a drop off in the second off. The guy's old.

He's old but I believe that should Damon Allen have stayed in shape, the Argos would still be better off with him today than without him and DA is probably 45. Don't discount Favre out like the Argos did with DA, mistake and the Argos are paying for it. Mind you, the Argos are an overall poor team now but I believe that's more to do with the fact their owners don't know anything about football, even if Cynamon played some college ball. They are clueless along the lines of Ralph Wilson.

Chief you seem pretty convinced the Vikings would of been better anyway but as we all know trends don't garantee anything. Unfortunatelt I'm stuck in Viking country and most of the fans feel this was around an 8-8 team with their other options at QB. Other then their passing attack actually most of their team regressed this year. I just can't see how having the third most valuable QB in the league hurts you. As for the topic I do think he hangs it up. Before the Saints game I didn't know but that beating he took for a 40 year old I think was the clue to quit. It's to bad how it ended although I don't see this int as bad as the Giants one cause it really didn't bother more then an incompletion. The too many men penalty was the killer which forced them to pass to get in field goal range as Childress says without the flag they just run up the middle.
I think the NFL will miss him as they were saying on the pregame show that no other athlete other then Tiger Woods moves the ratings needle like Favre does. His gunslinger ways have frustrated but they also leave people glued to the tv to watch him. I know a lot of people here who aren't football fans but they love watching Favre. He may not go down as the greatest but there will never be a more beloved player. It would of been nice for him to win another ring but as Marino could tell they arent that easy to get. That's the one thing that bothers me with how everything always seems to be negative. Other then Big Ben and Brady pretty much everyone QB is known as a playoff choker. I think people don't realize how hard it is ti win it all. I may not be the biggest Manning fan but I have trouble with people thinking he;s one of the great playoff chokers. Even after winning 1 people still dog him for being an easy out in playoffs. (which will probably change this year) i would just like to see guys get more credit for the good things they do instead of always hearing "ya but"
I know that me and Cheif can agree on :lol:

whats a cheif???

The Vikings very well could've finished 8-8. You never know. That's the crazy thing about the NFL, and football in general, you never know what'll happen. I mean, how many people expected the Titans to start 0-6? That shocked the hell out of me (not that I didn't enjoy it!!!). But I do think the Vikings would've been a good team. Would they have gone 12-4? Maybe not, but I could've seen them going 10-6 again.

My issue with Favre is he's old, and he doesn't quite have the stamina anymore, and I think he'll continue to make the mistakes that cost his team. Sure, if the Vikings didn't have too many men, it could've been a different result... but they did have too many, and it forced Favre to make a stupid mistake that I'm sure a younger Favre wouldn't have made.

I hope he does hang it up. I hate watching these great players destroy their career. Look at Warner. He's had two great seasons, went to the Super Bowl last year. Now he's hanging it up. I imagine he could probably play for another year or two, but he'd rather go out now.

I do agree that quarterbacks receive too much criticism. If you look at Indy's last two playoff losses, they were because of the defence. Yet all the blame gets placed on Manning. It is incredibly hard to win, and I hope Manning wins it this year so maybe some of the idiots constantly dogging him will shut up! Though one thing I disagree with you on is Big Ben. I think he deserves too much credit. One stat people love to drag out is how many wins he has, and I always ask myself, how many of those wins could you attribute to the defence? Eh...

Agree with everything in that post. Even as A favre fan I do wish he hangs it up as I want to remember him as the Favre of the late 90's. To me just watching his body emotion even during the game Sunday he seemed completely drained. As far as Big Ben I wasn't saying I think he's that great as I also agree he been on the lucky end of some great Steeler teams. He himself said they won the first SB in spite of him not because of him . That's why I love football though as it's the ultimate team game :rockin:

How do you twist this to be an attack on the Argo,s owners??? IMO Farve should sign with the Argo,s for 2 plus option to be able to say he did as well as Flutie in CFL, and he would be a good mentor for , Branagan, Foulds, And Glavic!

as well as Flutie, not bloody likely.

Mass, truth be told I'm peeved off what's happening in Toronto (I grew up as an ARgo fan and cheer for the Cats now because I live and work in Hamilton) and while I may be way off base blaming the owners and looking for any excuse to do so, what's the big deal about doing some twisting here and there. Don't take everything I say as the gospel truth what's going on in my head, I just like getting on the keyboard and letting ideas fly and typing away. Ok, so it's not heavy duty thinking but shouldn't a sports board have the option to be just a little crazy and off the wall a bit? :wink:

Are you being totally serious about Favre signing with the Argos? Didn't see a little smiley or winkie on your post. :wink:

Yes i did Earl, why? because traditionally a veteran like Favre would NOT be expected to do what he has done for the Jest and The Viking,s He should have been brought in to Mentor a younger QB and share the playing(punishment) time, much like Wilkinson did for Warren Moon in Edmonton, I think Favre could fill that roll for the Argo,s AND IMO he could sell enough tickets to warrant a Marque(sp) $ contract_________ BTW i grew up an Argo fan as well later moving to the Hammer from Mississauga, Looking forward to the Retro 70,s match up between the Original(artwork) attacking Tiger Cat VS Argo Sail Boat with ores :thup: #1 and #2 best alltime logos 8)