Will Glenn use his Drew Tate Voodoo doll to be the starter?

You have to feel for Kevin Glenn. He played one of his best regular seasons and will be yanked in favour of Drew Tate for the playoffs. Tate's been taking it easy while watching Kevin Glenn play his heart out since he was injured 3 months ago.

If you were in Kevin Glenn's place, could you just sit on the sidelines and be a team cheerleader, or would you take a lock of Drew Tate's hair and make a Voodoo doll to stick pins into in the hopes that Tate gets injured? Keep in mind that KG is cursed and would have easily won a Grey Cup if Kevin Eiben didn't break his arm in the dying moments of the East Semi-Final against Toronto when he was with the Suicide Bombers.

Be honest.

If Calgary choses to go this direction they will be sorry, and I imagine will lose out the first round of the playoffs. Go with what got you in this spot to begin with; Kevin Glenn, Jon Cornish etc. If memory serves me correctly, BC did this a few years back with their quarterbacks (Printers and Dickenson I believe) and ended up losing in the west final which they hosted.

they may play tate in most or all of this weeks game, but I doubt they would start him in the playoffs.

A shorter chain on Glenn...maybe

They did it in the 2004 Grey Cup and lost to Toronto. It was the year Printers threw for over 5,000 yards and was named the league's MOP. He never saw the field and the Argos beat the Lions in Ottawa for the championship.

There was also a QB carosel in 2007 I believe which led to the Lions losing in the West final to Saskatchewan.

You could be right (I don't recall), but that one wouldn't have involved Printers. He signed with Hamilton in 2007 after he was released by the Chiefs.

The difference between the BC and Calgary situation is that BC made the change at the last minute. Calgary has a meaningless regular season game and a semifinal to figure things out re: the QB situation.

Being from Winnipeg, I've seen Kevin Glenn's highs and lows. I know he can be a solid, quality QB when he's on his game. Drew Tate won the starting job from Henry Burris for a reason. He's better than an aging Burris and he's a better QB than Kevin Glenn--period. Tate's got 2 games to prove it.

I'm betting Drew Tate will be the starting QB in B.C. in the West Final and that Kevin Glenn will be stuck on the sidelines, because he's the Charlie Brown of the CFL--a born loser.

With all the work that Glenn has put in this season and getting them a home playoff berth it would be a big slap in the face to take away the keys to the offense now. He's earned is stripes, let him finish out 2012 and then have him and Tate compete for the job again in training camp. I have a feeling that one of them will be an Eskimo next season though. They both deserve to be starters in their own right and Edmonton needs help at QB.

Stick with Glenn, if all else fails then go with Tate. I think Tate is overrated anyways, and I hate!!! that visor, get rid of it.

that Kevin Glenn will be stuck on the sidelines, because he's the Charlie Brown of the CFL--[b]a born loser.[/b]
Yikes ! That's a bit harsh, no ? I mean, Dan Marino never won a title either.

I'd say he is more Rodney Dangerfield than Charlie Brown ... the man gets NO RESPECT.

While few could argue KG is an upper echelon QB - the man has carved out an upper second tier career to be proud of.

I, for one, will be rooting for him to get his name etched on the Grey Cup ... preferably, as the starter - and provided it is not against (surely I gest?) ... the Tiger Cats.

You gotta stick with Glenn in this situation. He has for the most part played pretty good. With over 36000 yards passing I believe he is approaching the top 10 career passing yards mark, which to me is pretty crazy. He has done well for himself.

I think Glenn will start, with Tate being the back up. I think Glenn will be on a "short leash".

Alternatively, Calgary could keep the QB rotation going that we used last week. Changes up the pace of the game regularly and make the Defense prepare for three QBs instead of just one (although in all fairness, Mitchell will still only be short yardage plays).

It will be interesting either way! Glenn is a quality guy and I think most CFL fans would like to see him get the nod. Only the Huffer knows though! :wink:


Football fans shouldn't be surprised that Tate is starting this game. After Tate was fit to play, I predicted that he would reassume his starting role when the playoffs began. Tate will play the first half in the semis and will start in B.C.

If I say it, you can believe it :twisted:

Tate fractured his wrist against Saskatchewan and is done for the season.

Black Magic has done its work and Kevin Glenn is the starter once again.
I wonder how Travis Lulay is feeling these days.

Only 1 offensive TD for Lulay :oops:
Black Magic, mon. hahaha :twisted: 34-29 W

Travis Lulay: 1 offensive TD :oops: