Will Glen Suiter ever shut up?


Is it just me, or is the GS annoying the hell out of everybody?

Ya'know why the numbers were up on CBC without voiceover? No colour guys trying to explain how things happen in the game, and then not explaining how the replays don't back up what they're saying.

Of the colour guys, the Glenster is the worst. Does the guy even watch the game? Or does he just jump in whenever there might be - gasp - dead air?
During the the Argos-TC game we must have heard about his deep personal relationship with the Wendy's guy 20-30 times. I'm tired of hearing GS tell the same story over and over again - like we're too dumb to get it the first time.

What I'd like is a feature on my remote to toggle "colour on" and "colour off" so I can get the calls without being annoyed by the Glensters of the world. Any thoughts?

He’s not annoying the hell out of me…just slightly peeving me…he’s a little too one-sided in his commentary, which I dislike. If I want biased opinions, I’ll go to riderfans.com…while I do think he knows what he’s talking about, I think he talks about it a little too much…

I don't actually think that Suitor is as bad as everyone says. He provides much more insightful comments than Walby. I think he is a lot better than someone like Rod Black, who despite being a sports guy, does not know a heck of a lot (remember when he first started doing play-by play for Raptors games, I was almost embarrassed for him at his lack of b-ball knowledge). A lot of people say that Glen is biased towards the Riders. I think that may be true to a small extent, but he is nowhere near how Walby is with the Bombers. I have watched a number of games that Suitor has done the commentary for when he he says that the Riders should have got penalized for something, or the penalty called on the Rider's opposition was a weak call. I think that overall he tries to remain as objective as possible and who cares if he tells a dumb story every once in a while. That is his job, colour guys are supposed to have some personality.

I beleive the job of the colour guys are to fill dead air. It is a lot harder than doing play by play, I can tell you that. Is there any really outstanding colour guys in the commentating world ?

You know, this thread could so easily be switched to a rant about the CFL's other dingus colour guy... WALBY!! I mean, everyone rags about how Walby is such a homer for the Bombers. Now, we got Suitor who's allegedly the same for the Riders. I think you're gonna get that with anybody that'll be in the booth. Hell, put Chris Schultz in there and people will say he's a homer for the Argos.

How can you not like Walby.
He is like a big teedy bear.
Suitor on the other hand should be kicked in a$$.
Riders this,Riders that.1989 this,1989 that.
Ever watch TSN crew.
Schultz, and Matt.These 2 should be the commentators.
You never hear Argos this,Argos that.
Heck Shultz doesn't even pick the Argos most of the time on his weekly picks.
I wish Suitor would of put his head on the tee when ridgeway was kicking!!!


The NFL guys are way more bias about their al ma mater's and former pro teams than CFL commentators. Irvin, Aikman, Ditka, Young, Sharpe, all those guys talk about is their teams.

suitors sex cmment earlier this year was a season highlight.


Suitor made a sex comment earlier this season? I can imagine how it sounded like..kinda like Adam Sandler's MTV (I think) award speech from a few years back..

"I have had sexual relations with every female Rider shareholder..." :lol:

it had me laughing...
something about how it was good for some player to experience some sex. he meant success but is an idiot and couldn't breathe for about 5 minutes he was laughing so much.

I like Suitor. How come no colour commentator can ever get any respect. Keep Suitor in. He makes a good pair with Cuthbert, who I like best.

They do work very well together - I don't think anyone can deny that. It's just that he does get on the Rider train a little too much. Overall, he's probably the best colour guy we have. Walby, on the other hand.....

I like Suitor. Ya he does occasionally side with the Riders, but I wouldn’t say he is biassed against any team. Its not as if he makes fun of certain teams and such. He may build up the riders slightly but he doesn’t build down anyteam. I think he is the best we have currently hands down.

Now this is a biased opinion!!!
He wouldn't say this if he didn't play for the riders!!!

What I can't stand is how the lock in on one story all night. Who care if Eakin had one good game! They showed it at least 3 times and talked about it alot more. Who cared when the two Calgary backup quarterbacks came in, and who cares about Buck Pierce. They try to make allstars out of every player that comes into the CFL, and then look rediculus when they get cut the next week. Next time you watch a Toronto game, watch to see how many times they talk about the Canadian running back who scored the two touchdowns. It gets annoying. I won't even listen to Walby when I'm watching an away game, I listen to the Rider Radio show.

who do u guys all think are the BEST cfl announcers?

Join the club he is a pin head no doubt about it. He had his head banged up to many times for sure. Each time he opens is mouth nothing but dribble comes out.
He really needs a brain!

My unbiased opinion would have to be Schultz or Dunnigan.LOL
How about Millington?LOL
Lief patterson!!!

Your lap dog agrees