Will Geroy catch Milt?

I think its on the all time TD catches list. I'm interested to see if he'll catch him after breaking the Lions record.

He will Vanhalen. If he stays healthy I think it is a give. I believe only an injury is going to keep him from that coveted accomplishment.

After the Edmonton game (week 14) Geroy was 391 yards shy of Stegall's yardage record, with five games left in this season. He'll either break it this late this year, or early next season, since he shows little sign of slowing down. Whether Simon can beat Ben Cahoon's reception record is another matter entirely. He needs another 102 catches to pass Cahoon; that would take another two years probably, but it is possible. Simon needs four more touchdowns to crack the century club, an achievement that only two CFLers, Milt Stegall and Pitts have made it to. It is likely that no-one will ever beat Stegall's 144 career TD record. Talk about rarefied territory.

The 7-6 Lions play a tough Calgary squad tonight in BC Place that absolutely annihilated the Green riders last week by a score of 40-.3 This game may help decide who finishes first in the Western Conference, with the season series between the two clubs up for grabs.

Unfortunately I can't get to it because of family obligations on Thanksgiving weekend. But since I have a high-def TV and a cable box I can watch it on the TSN-HD channel, number 219 here in Surrey. That is, until Dennis Skulsky figures out a way to black out that channel the way he's blacked out TSN's non-HD channel last week.

I can't remember a year when the fourth place teams in the West and the East were either out of playoff contention with five games left to play, or almost out of it. Look for Toronto to fire Jim Barker pretty soon and hire another head coach next year. It wouldn't surprise me to see an exodus of good players from TO, who frankly have been a joke for almost the whole year. And despite a brief bounce after replacing Greg Marshall, the hapless Ken Miller-led Riders are now back in the doldrums. If they lose to Edmonton on Thanksgiving Day Ken Miller can probably kiss his job goodbye too.

Great game; Tough business. Go Lions go!

-Dooger in Surrey :cowboy: