Will gardener Joe be a Bomber soon?????

...Rumours are that Wally will be saying goodbye to Joe 'gardner' Smith soon....The Bombers could be interested in his services if only to do field maintenance.... :lol: Just kidding...I wonder would he be a fit or can we afford him....Some say he's a bit of a head case...but he can rip off some serious yardage when the mood strikes him...Would he look good with Charlie...????I Taman was trying to sign Payton (late of the Als.) so i know he;s interested in signing a power-back.???? :roll:

IF I were Taman, I would go after Payton rather than Gardener Joe. Yes, at one time I was on the Joe SMith Bandwagon, but he has shown he is really not a team player. Doesn't show up to games when he is not playing. Was quoted as saying " I don't really care about football, its only a pay check."

Guys, he has shown brilliance at time. He can be good. But seriously, do you need that attitude in the locker room?

....don't know if we need 'that' kind of attitude sport....but 'some' attitude is definitely missing this year ....I don't know if we'd have the cap room anyway ...but Taman is on a 'hunting' expedition and we do have some 'Sheridan' money in the bank...who knows???? :wink:

Knowing what I know now…Id take Payton over Smith.

....guess i was right sport...Payton over Smith....NO-WAY/// :wink: