Will future teams need to focus on defense for THF?

I realize we haven't had too many games at THF, but in the games so far wind seems to have played a factor.

I don't think we have really seen any offensive explosions, and it has been the defense which has stepped up.

Going forward into future years, do you think this will change the way the team is put together? Or will the team make up stay largely the same? Maybe there is an incentive now to go after big name defensive players and skip on offensive players.

Or maybe the wind at THF and lack of huge offensive games SO FAR is not as big a factor.

I think we are well prepared for November, and whatever playoff game we are in.

Defence, and maybe a running game?

The wind will be an advantage to us going forward because we will practice in it and be used to what it does to the football, but other teams will have to adapt to it when they play here, which will be challenging.

Any starting QB with a pro arm can throw in windy conditions. The kickers will be more affected by it than the QB's. Especially the punters.

in my opinion i still think we can go offense. the elements will help an average defence.

Too early to tell. We've happened to have games on days where fronts were rolling in and hence some pretty insane winds (like today). I suspect it is not going to always be so windy at THF.