Will Friday's Tribute game be on TV?

Will the Tribute game Friday be on TV?

What are the pros and cons of the Lions lifting the blackout for this game?

I doubt very much that it will be.

I'm not taking my chances so I'm getting tickets today.

I'm sure they'll just show the highlights on the news.

Pros - it'll add a sentimental twang that might catch some attention. If it is, and it's a good game, that'll sell some extra tickets for future games.

Cons - if people think there's a chance to catch it on TV, they will. On a gorgeous summer night in Vancouver, many would opt to be out doing something and simply record the game to watch it later in the evening. Or chose to watch it somewhere other than under a sweltering hot dome.

Just got my tickets.

As always, I've opted for the extremely reasonably priced 7-11 seats.

Got endzone, row M (decent). Plus the free Slurpee/Sports Action play.

Where on earth can you take your kid on an outing for $40?

No excuse for anyone to miss the game and the tribute to Bob.

i think they should not lift the black out for that reason, too many people would just watch it on tv. if they want to sell it out they are going to have to get people that have not been to a game in years, and there friends too and having it tv locally is not going to do the job.

You guy's seem to all forget that back in the mid 80's, all the games were blacked out unless the team was on the road.

even the WF Was i remember me and a bunch of friends use to travel to chilliwack to see the game because unless you got a ticket about a week before the game, you you not going sold out.

They used to blackout games in Kelowna back then too.

Bobbyp i do not remeber that i watched the 1985 WF there

Playoff games are never blacked out.

I agree, they should not lift the blackout for Fridays game. Let the "Real" Football fans go in person to the game.

well back in the mid 8o's they were and they were sold out a week before the game.

I don't recall play off games being blacked out in the 80's, Although, I attended the games in person so I couldn't confirm that.

Since the crowd looks to be below 40,000 then the blackout shouldn't be lifted as this is the way Mr. Ackles would want it.

He was always a proponent of the league blackout rule and took a lot of heat over the years backing it up.
Would love to hear Lower Mainland residents complaining they didn't get a chance to see the tribute with 20,000 empty seats in the stadium.

miles 9 are you going to the game if not then don't complaine about the blackout and get to bc place, if you are going then good for you.

many “real” fans cannot go for many reasons.

I usually have no problem with blackouts, but I think this one should not be.

Sorry FYB I didn't mean that as a shot. It was targetted more at "The In Crowd". Those that attend games for a status symbol.

Let me first pre-amble a bit. This story is NOT directed at ALL Female sports fans.

I'll never forget this conversation when GM Place first opened for the Canucks. Several "Overdressed" (Suits and long flowing dresses, with diamond earings, nose rings) Men and women were at the Canucks game, not because they were fans but because GM Place was new and it was the cool thing to do.

The first over dressed lady says: "So, the player that scores the most goals gets to drive that little truck around the ice?"

The second overdressed lady replies, " Geez you sure don't know your sports, its the goalie who stops the most pucks that gets to drive the zamboni. Even I know what that little truck is called."

Its those casual fans I was taking a shot at.

No problem :thup: