Will Ford

another option they might consider

[url=http://cfl.ca/article/2013-division-all-star-ford-released-by-blue-bombers]http://cfl.ca/article/2013-division-all ... ue-bombers[/url]

It's a possibility but really where does the revolving door of running backs stop spinning? Charles, Allen, Messam, and Tolston sitting in the shadows. If they bring in yet another back how long before he gets up to speed? I still would like to see what Tolston is all about. Bottom line 3 games down and no consistency at who is going to be number one is not helping this team at all. Riders need to make a decision and then give that back the reins. This one mistake and your benched system is not working and players are playing more like they are afraid to go hard in fear they might lose the ball and then have to sit. I like the theory of being accountable but if carried too far it can have bad side effects.
Bring in Ford and have a look? If they do they had better be pretty sure he is going to be effective. Otherwise its just making an all ready unsure offense even more apprehensive. Its time to start making this team a team and not a fill in the blanks on who is going to be playing where. No way can Durant get comfortable with the offense if he needs to read the names on the back of their jerseys in order to tell who is playing where.
I think we were a bit too complacent in the off season and maybe the feeling was that we would be all right even without the players we lost. Now we are paying for that but its pretty hard to bring in a rotating line up and expect them to gel.

Too much. It is just taking some time to get down to how the offense will be set. High Expectations with Sheets grabbing the job in 2012. Training camp is short and Allen was not there for all of it but does have the skills so far to do the job. Spending those first 6 games finding your way has not been uncommon especially with teams not underestimating you.

This is now getting to be ridiculous

Agreed it is but reading in the paper Corey was hinting the changes are probably not done. So hold on to your hats folks we could be in for a bumpy ride. "get your program folks you can't tell your Riders without your program"

CFL.ca is reporting that he is ready to sign with the riders.
someone has written that Allen is heading home to florida but no source was given.
the way this is going nothing is surprising anymore

It's in the Leader Post as a quote by Allen "I'm going to have my kids trying to knock the ball out," said Allen, who has two young daughters. "I can't focus on it too much, but I can work on it."

Speaking about his trip back home to Florida and trying to get use to the bigger CFL ball . Ian Hamilton is the writer.

So how can you have this many running backs hanging around? Hell how can you even get a good look at any of them with so many? Only a couple I would imagine would be practicing with the starters. Sure if they sign Ford for a look he won't likely see action the first game back, but that is just a guess the way things are going I won't bet on anything. So I wonder who is out? No way can you keep 5 bulls in the pen for any amount of time. Someone has to be out pretty quick I would think.

I think Tolston should get a shot, why not CC already said they where neck and neck...Don't get it, why all the RB's and most here want to see Toston! JMO

From the limited time I have seen him he seems to be a quicker back with more of a hit the hole quick and make the first one or two tacklers miss then he is off to the races. This was the kind of back Sheets is. Open the hole for a second or two and bam he slices through it and is chewing up big yards. The backs we have played so far are more of the bulldozer type, straight ahead,nothing fancy which is great for short yardage plays but not likely to grind a defense down as quick. When you have to be all over the field either trying to contain a back or chasing him from behind that takes the gas out of the defense a lot faster, where as the bull rush running back hits the line hard with one or two guys just taking a couple of steps they have him contained.

Just getting some time away. Last week looked more like a week of a pre season game for the RBs and seemed to play out that way as well. Charles actually played well minus a huge fumble.
Allen playing the whole second half the Riders got away from trying to run the ball.
Messam was directed to special teams use. He made a key block on a return not sure how the rest of his teams play was but certainly something that he has become more willing and better at doing as a veteran now.
If Ford comes and plays the first week back I think that would be taking this too far. Signing him would not be out of the question tho. Remember he still not be completely healthy. Stashing him away for later in the season would be something i would rather see.
Allen seems to be the guy they wanted when he became available during camp and played well but again the Fumble a game thing set him back.
Now that all of that has been made very clear by the coach it may be time to move forward with Allen, Charles as a change up back, and Messam as a workable in game back up on the National part of the roster and play teams.
Message was sent, a week off is coming, settling in on who is going to play and how needs to run for a few games.

Allen was the league leader in yards after two games, and he sat out half the second game. So he produced but had two fumbles. RBs fumble, it's part of the game. Don't you want to give them a chance to rebound from the fumbles. Why sit them? Alene looks slow but he has power, so a bit if a trade off. Suppose to be a good catcher? Big guy who can block. So speed is the down side

charles is fast and can go around the outside, also catches well. Not a great blocker. History of fumbling I believe.

Messam, is Canadian, big, and fairly fast. Not sure about the hands but not a fumbler I believe. Can catch from what little I recall of him in Edmonton. Good replacement for Hughes.

Tolstoy looked Sheet like at times in preseason. Looks powerful and fast. Not sure why they pulled him before the first game. Attitude? Brought in a number of RBs since then, so we may not see him for a while. If he stuck around during the bye week maybe he gets a shot. Have no idea if he can catch or fumbles.

Now Ford might be here ? What the heck? Time to go with two guys and give them a real shot.

What if Sheets comes back, we sit everyone else?

Charles did a better job picking up the blitz than Allen did. 1 sack was directly Allen asleep on a blocking assignment. There were a couple of backfield iso replays where Charles got his guy despite giving up a lot of size. Allen has great size. He should be a great blocker but if he can't pick up the read what's the use?

Right now Charles has played better. In 1 half of play, Charles run production is about exactly the same as Allen but he has already been more alert and comfortable in the offense, and he's been here 3 weeks shorter time.

Charles also has a lot more CFL experience then Allen, so he should get up to speed much faster. I know of one missed block by Charles but he Still got sat down. I'd like to see Toston and with this short leash for RBs I'm guessing we will unless Ford signs.

Charles may be a bit better of a blocker but as I mentioned in another post he missed a few too and one of them could have led to Durant being sidelined if he didn't happen to turn his shoulders at the last second and shook off most of the hit. Had he not seen him at the last second he probably would still be laying on the field and it was Charles who flat out missed his block. Allen is new to the CFL and yes has a bigger learning curve on everything. Blocking schemes, speed of the game, ball control.
I still would like to see Tolson get in and see if he has what it takes.
The answer if Sheets came back then what happens is pretty obvious I would think. A week of practice put a saddle on him and ride him hard to the end of the season. If Sheets comes back all but one other back will more then likely be making arrangements to be leaving town. You don't have a guy like Sheets come along everyday and you sure don't make him ride the pine so if it happens that he comes back there will be a mass exodus of RB's on the team.

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I think they look at Ford not from a Running Back perspective, but from a kick returner stand point. In the 3 games up to this point, Marshay Green has really only broke one loose, and our special teams this year has been average… We continue to lose field position battles on special teams so far.

Can someone enlighten me more on Green? I see he is listed as a DB. So is he on the roster for that aspect as well?

In previous posts, I agree that at RB the team needs to figure it out with the guys they have. IMO, I think Allen and Charles could be as dynamic as Sheets and Sanders. I think Cortez could integrate some packages with both of them on the field very similar to that one play in the BC game. I also think Messam can fit in with McHenry and Hughes. And to be honest, I didn’t get a chance to see what Toston can do… I missed a lot of preseason stuff.

I think Ford could have the potential to be explosive as a returner once he gets healthy

Green will likely see limited action as a DB, though he did ok in pre-season. As he is on the roster as a returner he can be worked into that gradually, much like T Jackson. Where I thought he looked REALLY good in PS was on kick coverage. Green's kick return average is actually pretty solid thus far, but his punt return is a bit low. Running backwards on a couple doesn't help that.

Seems as though you guys may be selling ford short here. I believe he is far better then anything you currently have. Like Allen, but I don't see the quicks and home run hitting ability in him so much. Good power back though. Ford can do it all and was cut only because of an injury in camp that lead to grigs and cotton moving ahead of him. Blocking is maybe not his strongest suit as one poster pointed out, but it was hard to tell with zero oline to work with last year. I really think he will start sooner then later and keep the job. Glad to see him find a home and playing in front of the best fans around.

Looking forward to meeting him and the riders at labour day. Maybe we can actually win one for a change and get that monkey off our back! Always a good time when the best fans in the league get together! :rockin: :rockin: