will Football become less important in the future?

with the recent problems with concussions in the past decade and all the studies on dead athletes and their brain injuries.

could you possibly see a sharp decline in people becoming Football players and perhaps taking different routes in their lives?

will people always be willing to risk their health and safety to play football knowing the risks?

on a different note, will they ever come out with equipment that will be able to prevent injuries like this?

I do wonder this.

I've seen a decline in the number of kids registering for Minor football in this area the last while and some are wondering if parents are becoming scared that their kids will get concussions, brain injuries, injuries in general.

what do you think?

how long could it take before we see a decline in Football?

There was a discussion on ESPN on this one, and pretty much I'm of the same opinion as one of the people arguing about it. So long as there is big money in Football, you will always see people putting their lives at risk to play the game. Would you knowingly shave 10 years off of your life for several million?

Agree hammer. And this isn't really about Canada that much. Football is big entertainment busines in the US and people follow that and will be willing to do pretty much anything to make it to "the show", regadless of the risks. Look at the prostitution industry, people willing to use their bodies to make money and I think this profession with the risks has been around a long time and will continue to be around a long time.

I don't know about football enrollment decreasing; it seems that ice hockey has just as many head injury concerns at the moment. What I do think may happen is that we see a small percentage increase in the # of players who give up football altogether if their NFL dreams are dashed, meaning fewer will give other leagues (CFL, Arena etc) a try.

Some may say that it's just not worth risking brain injury for $60,000 a year. I am sure some already feel this way (brain injury or not). Not all undrafted college free agents or NFL cuts say 'yes' to CFL contract offers, that's for sure. But this happens for a variety of reasons. Knowledge about the long term effects of concussions may just add to list.

Its about risk management and prevention IMO. Does the miner, truck driver, nurse, police officer give up what they are doing? Most jobs have certain risk associated to it.

Every year in the United States, about 150 police officers are killed in the line of duty. Every day, 150 officers are assaulted and 10 are shot at.
Give up football, be a cop or join the military ? Not so sure.

I'm sure I heard a couple years back that Matt Dunigan refused to allow his son to play football.

Three or four years ago when I expressed my view regarding Dave Dickenson last attempted come back people hurled stuff at me. We've come a long way... It is a serious issue but the league has the means through rules, equipment and proper protocol to minimize the long term health risks to players. Players also need to respect each other as human beings, they are all fathers, husbands or someone's children...

...eventually it will decline, not a lot of jousting going on these days...

but war remains the worlds number one favorite pastime.

Except in Maryland, where it's the state sport.

people are willing to risk injury to follow their passion. Most CFL players know they will no be going to the NFL, and know that they won't make 6 figures in the CFL...yet they are still there. Industrial work probably has a higher ratio of long term injury than football. From workers backs, to the stuff they inhale.

I heard that also, or it was his wife, since the day she came home and found matt under the table balling his eyes out. Depression due to hits to the head.

I played otdtimers hockey in a beer league where you paid $400 a year to play and it was amazing how I got ridiculed by some guys - morons - for wearing a full cage face protector. Macho dudes. I was cut above the eye for 5 stitches in high school hockey and the intern who stitched me up said buddy, you're not going to make pro hockey, wear a shield. More doctors should be straight up with this info, best advice I received from a doctor in a long time.

I imagine seeing decline in enrollment in all contact sports because of parents

People are getting tired of sports players in general.

They are not the only game in town , any more. So people can find their HERO'S else where.

They can't relate to how much money they make.

DRUGS have wrecked almost every sport , including , the Olympics.

Why spend all that money to go to games , when you can play a video game instead , where YOU are in control and there is very little risk.

To many PLAYERS STRIKES...ect...

That is why I still love the CFL. It is a fan friendly league. :thup: :rockin: :cowboy:

No, but the UFC is doing better then ever, although to be fair MMA is far safer then boxing (and arguably others) and now has some of the tightest regulations in professional sports. Much higher frequency of drug testing, mandatory minimum suspensions due to injuries, high fines and suspensions for rule violations, post fight precautionary suspensions, high license requirements, strict & short time limits, and trained referees who have in depth knowledge of various fighting systems (heck some are even MMA fighters themselves, like Herb Dean) who can stop a fight instantly.

Considering minor football is really on the upswing in Canada and our junior/university system is getting better, I don't see football declining in popularity for the short term anyways. There's risks in a lot of things in life, but to some, the opportunity of playing pro football (or any football) over weighs what ever downsides.

As HFxFC stated, there are far many more jobs more "dangerous" than football that people do. It's not like football is any more dangerous than it was 20 years ago (in fact sports in general are safer). WE're just more aware of the risks, thus we are starting to become more cautious about head injuries.

It will take years but americans what will replace ncaa football on Saturdays in the fall?

When you are drooling in a nursing home football will not be as important to you

Not sure if MMA is any safer then boxing, this is what they have been telling us but I'm not so gullible. Give the sport a few years and I bet there will be a lot of stuff that will come to light and how things have been swept under the rug. IMHO.