Will Finch (Western) vs. Michael O'Connor (Penn State)

Who is the next great Canadian QB Hope?

These two are by far the best candidates coming out of the university level. Will Finch out of Western seems poised to break every QB record in the books and become bigger than Quinlan and Brannagan. Where as Michael O'Connor is I believe only the second Canadian QB to play at a D1 school.

Without any change in the CFLPA mandates, I feel these two are the best hope for a real competitive Canadian QB in the CFL.

Interesting post!

[b]One player who turned heads isn't eligible to be drafted for another two seasons. Western quarterback and Burlington native Will Finch was brought in as an extra arm for passing drills and will likely be the next test case in the long-standing Canadian quarterback debate.[/b] [url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2014/03/combine-sets-up-challenging-draft-year-for-ticats.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2014/ ... icats.html[/url]

Finch has played a full season and was able to fill in as a freshman and IMHO made Western better. Finch also at this point will have the oppuritunity to participate in 4 CFL training camps before his draft season.
O’Conner tons of potential but has not played a down yet but has the resume and all of the tools to be succesful. Playing Grade A DI football in a power conference certainly will prepare him.
Finch as I mentioned will not see nearly as high of talent in the CIS but his advantage will be to participate in a pro TC each year.

On the other hand, he is already used to the bigger field and extra player and the impact that has on strategies and tactics, so no adjustment there. Plus, he showed well in the international competition, which was against some of those "played since they were toddlers" players - maybe not the top tier guys, but some were on their way to that level.

In other words, he may get drafted, but he won't be given a serious chance to play quarterback.


Finch passed up scholarships to Florida among many others in favour of staying in Canada and playing at Western for the purpose of actually playing and playing 3 down football which is the more realistic career path.

Seems to have great situational awareness, and checks his marks fairly quick


Yeah I think Finch will be a starting QB in the CFL, good health permitting.